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Ute Creek Road (08/22/2020)
Pretty rocky, I ran it south to north with my lifted Subaru crosstrek. I'd agree with the other reviewer about uping it to a 2-3 if going south to north, opposite of what it shows, lots of Aspens on the way up, it would be pretty in the fall
Switzerland Trail (08/18/2020)
views are incredible, ran this along with sugarloaf this was definitely the better of the two. some nice challenging sections for my lifted subaru crosstrek.
Sugarloaf Mountain (08/18/2020)
ran this trail reverse of what it shows and connected it to Switzerland, trail rating is correct nothing very technical at all the views were alright but nothing exceptional. it was no challenge whatsoever for my lifted subaru crosstrek
Solitude Creek (08/17/2020)
this loop is absolutely worth it, the views are incredible, lots of great camping sites, the smoke from the forest fires almost completely blocked out the sunset at points but it was still incredible. it was a good workout for my lifted subaru crosstrek here is the sunset video https://youtu.be/xDyLnw7Qy-Y
Pole Hill (08/16/2020)
great fun trail. I started probably around 3:00 so I had to wait for a few of the tours to come back down the hill but it was a great challenge for my lifted Subaru crosstrek. plenty of options for people wanting to test their rigs