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  • 2019 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (3" lift, 37" tires)

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2019 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 3"
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2N02 - Burns Canyon (08/30/2021)
Took the trail from Big Bear to Rattlesnake Canyon was a fun trail very scenic. Not overly challenging. Some narrow spots. Did not do the entire trail this trip.
3N61 - Jacoby Canyon (08/28/2021)
Still closed when tried to do it. The Ranger phone number in the review does not answer
3N43 - Harvey Mine (08/28/2021)
Fun connector trail. Great to do after (or before) John Bull stock friendly with a few rocky spots.
Rattlesnake Canyon - RC3331 (08/27/2021)
Took Rattlesnake Canyon up to do Mottino Wash. was a fun easy sandy road great views of Joshua trees that line the trail. I did not do the entire trail this trip.
Motino Wash (aka Mottino Wash) (08/27/2021)
Went down and did Motrin’s Wash after doing some trails in Big Bear. Keep an eye out for the trail head as it can easily be passed. Looks like it is not traveled much so that’s great. The hard stuff starts just about right away. Harder than the hard trails in Big Bear. Waypoint 6 seems harder and now much more dug out/taller than the review. Waypoint 7 seemed much easier than listed. No matter what this is a fun aggressive trail with tons of rock crawling fun!
2N33 - Pilot Rock Truck Trail (08/22/2021)
Had a blast on Pilot Rock came from Old Pilot Rock there are several harder off shoots that are fun with some challenging obstacles. Finally got to do this trail that we have a cat named after.
2N37 Miller Canyon OHV (08/22/2021)
Pretty easy nice trail. Did Old Pilot rock to Pilot Rock then Tunnel Two and Miller Canyon. Easy and quick.
2N17X - Pilot Fuelbreak aka The Old Pilot Rock Trail (08/22/2021)
Great and at times challenging trail that puts you into Pilot Rock. The one hill climb with the center hard line I did not try but wish I did. Though it does look like it is very dug out from trucks getting stuck and them just trying to spin and power out of it just making it worse.
2N34 Tunnel Two (08/21/2021)
Fun easy trail that we took as an exit from Pilot Rock trail going south. Easy dirt trail nothing to fear here.
Kane Creek Canyon (06/15/2021)
We did Kane Creek to try to keep cool in 110 degree temps in June. Needless to say there was very little to no water until the very end sections. There is a pretty tight squeeze section that takes you off camber and high on the driver to get around a massive rock on the passenger side. Longer wheelbases can have issues. The Hamburger Hill section was no joke. Our first rig got stuck on the waterfall climb and had to be wrenched over. I went around but that puts you DIRECTLY on a cliff that goes straight down. The next time I would just try the waterfall ledge and get pulled over if needed. I did not enjoy how close to the edge the narrow bypass was. The waterfall ledge does have a wench point if needed. Over all the trail was fun and long about 6-7 hours. Cooler weather and more water would of made it better
Hells Revenge (06/14/2021)
Fun trail with high climbs on the edges of slick rocks. Did the Car Was bath tub and was fun. A few in our group did Hells Gate but everyone passed on the Escalator. Over all the trail is not extremely hard but has some spots where you can’t see the trail ahead of you and just have to follow the marks on the rocks with some steep down hills
Fins and Things (06/14/2021)
Fun trail our first one for our first time in Moab. Scenic with changing terrain throughout.
3S09 - Hurley Flats (03/20/2021)
Easy and fun. Pin striping for sure. But other than that the trail is fairly easy. Looks like there was a slid Boulder that could make it tight for some.
4S05 - Mellor Ranch OHV (03/20/2021)
Short and easy. Can do it in 2wd. Nice views.
4S10 - East Indian Creek (03/15/2021)
This is a fairly easy trail but has so spectacular views. Did the trail on the first day of spring and there were a few water crossings and fun puddles. One issue is half way through as we were coming south a group of two was stopped at a washed out part of the tail. We had to dig and fill in the washed out section and dig the hillside back to make it passable.