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Medano Pass (09/25/2020)
Ran trail East to West, which appeared easier than going the opposite. The sand is tricky - 4wd and momentum needed. Helped a stuck truck at the sandiest area about 2-3 miles East from the main park entrance. Beautiful Aspen forest and fall colors. 9 creek crossings with the deepest at about a foot - none were an issue. Very interesting history regarding the explorer Zebulon Pike at the summit.
Cloverdale Mine (09/24/2020)
Trail review by Jeffrey A is spot on. 2.5 hours of bouncing and jarring to reach the mine/cabins. Like driving a rocky riverbed the entire way. 4wd low and clearance required. About 1.5 hours back down. The two lakes, the mine, and related structures are completely worth it. Very remote.
Hagerman Pass (09/19/2020)
Beautiful mountain views. Mildly bumpy up to the pass summit. Easier after the summit except one rocky section but its downhill so its not bad. Baseball size rocks at largest. Included a picture of the hardest part - used 4 low and made it up no problem. Did not use 4 low the rest of the trail. Not a lot of traffic. A few spots turn into a narrow shelf road with no opportunity to pass, however the visibility range is sufficient to see any upcoming traffic at the narrow sections. Higher clearance recommended.
Gold Camp Road (09/15/2020)
Took Gold Camp Rd from Victor to Co. Springs. Super easy, no problems. Very beautiful views along a historic rail line. To reach Co. Springs take Old Stage Road which provides nice views of the city.
Yankee Boy Basin (08/26/2020)
Easy off road trail until last few hundred yards from the Blue Lakes Pass trail head. At that point, 4wd low and clearance required. Beautiful waterfall, cool mining structures, rock face mountain views, and amazing tundra basin. Camped at Thistledown which is a nice campground.
Tincup Pass (08/18/2020)
The pictures from the way points don't look like the trail when I did this. Not sure when those pictures were taken, but the road is a lot more rocky and degraded than those pictures suggest. I would say this trail is on the more difficult side of moderate. Went from Mirror Lake and turned around at approximately waypoint 7. Still very pretty and Mirror Lake campground is awesome. Tincup is also very cool, read the history and see the old town pictures by the town Church.
Schubarth Trail (08/16/2020)
Easy trail with clearance. If completely stock -still doable but maybe a couple scrapes. Started with Dakan Rd then Rampart Range to here. Not very busy - probably because there is no 'real' destination. I only saw a couple other cars. The views are incredible. Really nice meadows and Aspen fields as well. Very peaceful area. Saw many birds and grouse.
Mount Herman Road (08/16/2020)
Great way to exit Rampart Range road. No obstacles, just a dirt road. Beautiful views, especially from Rampart to Monument.
Rampart Range Road (08/16/2020)
Rampart Range Rd is a washboard road. Nothing technical, no obstacles. You'll be jarring the entire way. Lots of camping but very popular. Did a few connectors like Mt Herman and Dakan Rd. Saw quite a bit of wildlife including a black fox. Beautiful Aspens, pines, and huge boulders.
Dakan Road (08/16/2020)
Just a dirt road - no worries. Great route to connect to Rampart. Nothing but boulders, dirt, and pine trees. Awesome.
Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (08/13/2020)
Made it to what was Geneva City. A few structures and the remnants of a mine. Very cool views and structures. I would say this trail is on the harder side of moderate. The harder part is past the iron fens cutoff road. Geneva City is behind a hill once you get to the last 'designated campsite' opposite the remains of a log cabin. No room to pass another car past the Iron fens from what I remember.
Santiago Mine (08/13/2020)
If you make it up Argentine Pass, you can easily make it to Santiago Mine. Not far. Bumpy, but no real obstacles for a stock suv/truck. Cool history and views.
Argentine Pass (08/13/2020)
Awesome trail. Agree with rating of moderate. I think a beginner (not first timer) could still pull this off. Its got rocks from fist size to volley ball sized. Tight at spots where you would not be able to pass. Backing up would be tough. Thankfully the only point we came up on other Jeeps we hugged the side and they got by. Go all the way to Santiago Mine if you make it up, its not much harder.
Jones Pass (08/12/2020)
Easy dirt road trail with rocks here and there. Blocked by snow near the summit but still beautiful to reach up to that point which is above tree line.
Caribou Creek (08/09/2020)
Went from what was the town site of Caribou to the Rainbow Lakes campground road. The trail is easy except for the 4 or so mud holes, which were still present when we went. These mud holes alone, I would rate as difficult. 11 inch clearance and still scrapped the skid guards. Very beautiful scenery but nothing dramatic.
Stevens Gulch Road (08/04/2020)
Very beautiful. Awesome basin with rock face mountain-side views. Cool mine structure near Grays Peak trail-head and an old miner's bunk house on the way there. You can enter the mine shaft a small distance. Makes for a cool picture. Easy trail but bumpy enough to be fun.
Halfmoon Creek (07/30/2020)
Nothing blocking the trail all the way to the mill. One of the most beautiful basins/valleys i have seen. The mill is awesome as well. Agree with the difficulty rating on the site. A couple river crossings. The deepest was probably between 1 - 2 feet. Very bumpy but no 'extreme' obstacles. Clearance and 4wd low extremely suggested/necessary.
Weston Pass (07/30/2020)
Easy. Beautiful views, alpine scenery, and some old cabin remnants near the top. Perfect for first timers. I really enjoyed this trail but took it on our trip back home from other trails, wouldn't necessarily do this trail just by itself.
Georgia Pass (07/29/2020)
Did this as a substitute for Webster Pass as people were commenting that snow was still making that trail impassible to Montezuma. Georgia Pass is definitely a moderate trail. Scrapped the skid plates once or twice with 11 in. clearance but nothing damaging. Very beautiful at the top of the pass. Went from Jefferson to Breckenridge. From the pass to Breckenridge is the more difficult part but going downhill gives an advantage. We passed an excavator at one of the creek crossings with signs saying 'road work', but that person was making the trail worse. He made a 3 foot dirt/rock mound we had to drive up and over with 4wd low and it appeared that the trail was better off before. Awesome views, mountain/alpine scenery, and an old cabin structure.
Peru Creek (07/29/2020)
Easy and very beautiful. Peru Creek looks amazing, but turns out is one of the most polluted water ways in Colorado. Awesome views of Horseshoe Basin and amazing old mine/mill structures. You can drive all the way up to Pennsylvania Mine.
Sugarloaf Mountain (07/24/2020)
Did Sugarloaf along with Switzerland Trail Rd. 4wd not needed. Easy trail - mostly a dirt road with occasional rocks. Views are nice but not much more. Great for a first-timer probably. Hike to Sugarloaf Mt. is easy and a little less than half an hour to summit. The views from up there are much nicer than just the trail itself.
Switzerland Trail (07/24/2020)
Easy trail, any car should do well. 4wd not needed. Mostly a dirt road. Yes its a shelf road but it is not tight nor dangerous whatsoever. Areas to pass come up every couple yards or so and backing up would not be hard/dangerous if needed. After the trail we went to the town of Gold Hill which is cool and historic. You can reach Lefthand Canyon Dr (paved highway) from Gold Hill by taking Lickskillet Rd which i heard was the steepest grade road in Colorado. It is not dangerous in warm weather.
Crystal City (07/09/2020)
Went from Marble to Crystal Mill and back. Agree with trail rating of moderate. The only highway legal vehicles i saw at the Crystal Mill parking spot that day were off road rigs and trucks. Its like driving on a rock pile for an hour there and back. Some tights spots on a shelf road were you would not be able to pass an oncoming car for several yards. Still well worth the views! Crystal Mill is iconic and the scenery getting there is unbelievable including Lizard Lake. I would say that clearance is highly recommended. I wish i had read about the Tacoma in the river before I went because I missed it.
Upper Hall Valley (06/21/2020)
Very beautiful scenery of snow-capped mountain peaks and the trail also follows a beautiful creek. Turned around at the campground. Easy trail to that point. Beyond, it is significantly different from what I could see. This trail leads to the trail head for Webster Pass and Red Cone.