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Bedford Road (aka Bedford Motorway) (02/20/2021)
Went here today. Perhaps I backed out too early, but there were signs everywhere saying I was on a private road and only authorized vehicles were allowed. Never even made it to dirt. Bummer.
5S01 - Indian Truck Trail (02/20/2021)
Went out there today. Looked like it was going to be open but a little ways in and there was a gate. Very dissappointing. The site lists some closures but this one was supposed to be open. :(
3S04 - Main Divide South - Santiago Peak (aka Saddleback Mountain) (02/20/2021)
Went to try it today. Closed. I looked up the Cleveland forest area on the government site and they did say she roads were closed because of fires from last year. But I thought we would be open. :(
6S06 - El Cariso Truck Trail (02/19/2021)
Did the trail today starting from the entrance on Grand Ave. It was extremely rutted for the first half. Thought about turning around but I ended up finishing it. It gets much easier near the private property.