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1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 31"

2004 Lexus GX

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 35"
8.2” E-Locker Swap Radflo LT 35x12.50 RSG Sliders RCI skid plates

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Devil's Racetrack (10/19/2021)
The rating of this trail seems much higher than it should be IMO. We ran it in a loop with Fix it. The “Razorback” obstacle was not a big deal at all, in fact I can’t even pinpoint exactly where it was on the trail. Only saw 1 other 4wd the whole time and it was a stock TRD Tacoma with sliders/skids. Tons of UTV’s.
Red Cone (06/29/2021)
What a trail! Enough challenges to keep it exciting on the way up, and the descent was one of the scariest experiences I’ve had on the trail. Highly recommended if you can handle to heights.
Hancock Pass (06/25/2021)
Another great day on the trail. Trail was rough but no surprises. Views were spectacular and a lot of cool history when coming down the west side. We camped right before waypoint 2 and it was the last spot below tree line. There is another camping spot above tree line after waypoint 3 that would be nice in good weather.
Grizzly Lake (06/23/2021)
Great trail! We had to winch up the center line of the Gatekeeper after a few attempts, but the 80 series with lockers that was with us drove right up. The steep hill climb after the gatekeeper is very loose and in my opinion would not be passable without at least a rear locker. The lake is amazing and we didn’t seeing another person for the 2 days we camped there.