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Been off-road most of my life. In my youth I purchased my first CJ5 and since then have owned 5 Jeep’s, 2 FJ40s, and several 4x4 trucks. We enjoy exploring the back country. We especially like rock art, ruins and historic places.

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2017 Ford F-350

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Apache Trail (02/24/2021)
Recent road closures have closed this road. It is open from Tortilla flats up to Fish creek Vista. It appears this road will be closed for quite some time.
FR 36 Copper Creek Cabin (02/21/2021)
Great little cutoff. You can find the abandoned Copper Creek Mine administration office here. Great place to explore.
9014 Brooklyn Mine and Aqua Fria Ruins (02/21/2021)
Pueblo Las Mujeres (aka Squaw Peak Ruins) Spent the day exploring the fantastic ruins. I was here a couple months back so I won’t post pics of the ruin, but I must say it’s one of my favorites. We caravaned with Michael and Tabitha and it was great fun. We explored beyond the ruins in the valley below it. Surprise, we found many fantastic petroglyph panels and Michael and Tabitha discovered a beautiful large pictograph. Squaw Creek Ruins is one of the most spectacular dwellings I have visited. It is commonly referred to as Squaw Creek Ruins but it is also call Las Mujeres the Spanish translation meaning “The Woman”. It is located on the Agua Fria National Monument along with more then 400 other archaeological sites. The Perry Mesa Tradition people lived and cultivated the Auga Fria National Monument land between 1250 A.D and 1450 A.D. They believe that at least 3,000 people may have inhabited this area. They had abandoned their villages by 1500 A.D. possibly due to the great drought (1276-99) and the lack of rainfall that continued through 1450 A.D. (Encyclopedia Britannica 2008) They think there were roughly 100 – 225 rooms at this dwelling. This pueblo has the distinction of being one of the few sites in the Agua Fria National Monument with a defensive perimeter wall.
Bloody Basin Road (02/21/2021)
We always LOVE this trail. Not especially for the 4-wheeling but for the exploration of history in the area. This trail leads to amazing location. The Perry Mesa is home to over 400 archeological sites.
McPherson Pass (02/14/2021)
Always a fun trip. The Castle Rock mine is a fun place to explore. The shafts are open and a few building are still standing. On weekends ATVs tend to make this a destination.
Calcite Mine Trail (01/31/2021)
I love this little route. Mostly because of the history of the World War II effort and this mine. Anza Borrego park and World War II So how does World War II war effort factor into Anza Borrego Desert? Literally within 5 miles of where our RV is located we found an interesting 4 x 4 route. The route is called the calcite mine trail. Earlier investigation didn’t intrigue me so it wasn’t on my list. As I started to research calcite and what calcite was used for that’s why and it peaked my interest. This calcite mine was developed during World War II, general Patton‘s troops built the original road that leads north from here to the former calcite mine. This was the top producing calcite mine in North America. It was important to the war effort, because calcite is a form of calcium carbonate. When you strike calcite Kristal, it will break into pieces that have exact angles and clear flat sides that provide double refraction properties. The Polaroid company processed these into optical ring sites for the military. Gunners and torpedo bomber’s depended on calcite Ring sites for the most accurate aim available. Today you can wander around the area and you’ll find honeycombs of the calcite veins and lots of empty pockets where the minors have been. Initial thought was they look like slot canyons, but they are actually where the minors were following the veins of calcite. I should also add that the road has been repaired so there are no obstacles on this road. Four-wheel-drive is recommended but I do think you could do this trip in a 2 Wheel Drive.
Palm Wash - Truckhaven (01/30/2021)
Great little route through the wash. We are originally from St. George Utah where the term “deep sand” Means very deep blow sand. During her time in Anza Borrego we have been amused by the descriptions of deep sand. This route is the one exception so far. Deep sand is an appropriate description for this route.
Font's Point (01/30/2021)
Short trip in DEEP SAND. Loved it. The view at the point is not to be missed.
South Fork Palm Wash (01/30/2021)
Great little trip. It was described as a great place to go with your family and we couldn’t agree more. It’s a short trip but it ends in a beautiful slot canyon. We are already planning a return trip to explore the slot canyon a little further
Arroyo Tapiado (01/29/2021)
Fabulous trip. We did this as a day trip. We wanted to explore the mud caves and slot canyons. The Sandy wash was fairly firm from the light rains last night. The interesting caves and walls make this a unique trip and worthy of many return trips. Aside from that, it is a beautiful route.
Vallecito Wash Trail (01/29/2021)
Great wash. We used it as a connector route to get to Arroyo Tapiado on our way to the mud caves. Beautiful scenic drive.
Pumpkin Patch Trail - Ocotillo Wells SVRA (01/28/2021)
Great trip through some very interesting geography. We saw only 2 other’s riding dirt bikes. The trail is well traveled so my guess is it is a heavy traffic area on the weekends. The trail was well groomed and marked. Enough to make my wife have white knuckles in a few areas. Fun route but the “Pumpkin Patch” is the star of the show. We extended our loop to include the CrossOver trail too.
Coyote Canyon Lower - Anza (01/27/2021)
Fun trail with some interesting history. We liked the fact that the vegetation changed as you proceed through the trail. Water crossing were shallow. The third crossing was the only one with water. Loved the history of Anza camping here in 1774.
Geology Tour Road (01/10/2021)
Let’s be clear. This is less of a 4Wheeling experience than it is a great leisurely tpdrive to see some interesting and educational geology. Fun trip. Be sure to pickup the dried from the Rangers. It explains the geology of each of the markers along the way.
Old Dale Road (01/07/2021)
Great trip with tons of history to be explored. We reversed this track and went north to south.
Four Peaks Trail (12/16/2020)
We are snowbirds and we were looking forward to making this loop again. We were disappointed to find the road closed. Oh well, we will try again later.