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2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Backway to Crown King, Arizona (09/22/2021)
This is a great trail and a favorite of locals. The town of Crown King is really a jewel and a great place to hang out, camp, or grab a cabin for the night. As for the actual trail, I have done it twice exactly a year apart. The rains this year have added additional difficulty and obstacles but not so much as to change the trail rating. In the past, one of the last obstacles referred to by locals as "the wall" did not have a bypass. It does now, someone went in and cut one. Just north of the wall, however, is a rock formation that takes some creative steering and a good spotter, and can be every bit as difficult as the wall for some. This year, the trail has had a wash out from the rain that has narrowed the road at this obstacle. Last year, there was a truck stuck on it but SXS's were able to get around him. This year, that would have been impossible. If you're a veteran of this trail and haven't been up this year, you'll see exactly what I mean next time you go. After what last year were the last two obstacles, the trail has an additional one that isn't hard but again, first timers will likely need a spotter. It's literally up around the bend from the wall and washed out rock formation mentioned earlier. I do not remember it being there in 2020, indeed I told the party I was with once we cleared the narrow rock formation that it was smooth sailing from there. I was wrong. It's worth mentioning that this year, we did the trail on a Thursday and only saw one other vehicle. Last year, we went on a Saturday and there was a lot of SXS, Jeep, cycle, and atv traffic. We had two different stoppages that cost us about three hours on that Saturday. If you have the opportunity and a group of good off roaders, do this trail during the week if you can. Just bear in mind that the Crown King businesses close earlier or don't open at all during the week.