Brandon McCullough

Mapping Crew - Arkansas
Trail Reviews: 1500 points
Questions Answered: 350 points
Off-Road Experience:
4-5 years
Off-Road Style:
Rock Crawling
My Garage:
  • 2012 Nissan Xterra (4" lift, 34" tires)
Brandon is an avid camper, and thorough follower of the motto "pack light; freeze at night". Spending 6 years in the Marine Corps Infantry, he learned to sleep on the ground under the stars. No tent required. After purchasing his Nissan Xterra and joining the off road community, he has learned to get a little more comfortable since his rig is carrying the gear now; instead of himself. Brandon spends most of his time with his dog Yams, or doing one of the following: working in the garage on his Nissan Xterra, Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo, or Volkswagen TDI Golf, spending time at the rifle range, out on the water kayaking and Trout fishing, at a NASCAR race, or on the trails in his Xterra.

My Garage (1)

2012 Nissan Xterra

Lift Size: 4"
Tire Size: 34"
Maxterra Rear Bumper w/ tire carrier, rear backup lights, & jerry can holder (greased with Redline) Hefty Fab aluminum bumper Hefty Fab Works Aluminum Gas, T-Case, Trans, Radiator, & Engine Skids ARB Rear diff cover White Knuckle Sliders Titan Icon 2.5 Extended travel coilovers SPC Upper Control Arms Alcan Rear 3" 700lb spring packs Rear Bilstein 5125s U-Bolt flip kit Nitto Terra Grapplers 295/75/16 10" Ram tablet mount w/ samsung Tab3 Cobra 75wx ST Cb XTP Intake Manifold Spacer SmittyBilt 9.5k winch Zheking style drop in roof rack ARB CMKA12 Aircompressor ARB front airlocker OEM Rear e-locker And various other mods

My Trail Reviews (3)

(within last 6 months)
Carwash Falls (12/19/2020)
Went out and came in the back way of carwash falls. Trail conditions remain the same. The water was definitely flowing!
The Connector Trail (09/22/2020)
Went out to Windrock and visited this trail. Conditions remain the same.
15 - The Gatekeeper (09/21/2020)
Visited the trail. conditions remain the same: extremely challenging.