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  • 2012 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (Stock lift, 32" tires)
I’m a Colorado Off-Roader and I decided to make trail guides on YouTube and videos for new off-roaders using stock-ish vehicles. I’m still learning myself, but I’ve been in a wrangler for 20 years so I’ve picked up some stuff along the way and will share it. I will try to add trail reports here after runs. I use TrailsOffRoad and FunTreks books for trail planning and believe my YouTube guides are an adjunct but not replacement to these resources. So I’d love if you check them out and let me know how I’m doing, the channel is Dewie’s Colorado.

My Garage (1)

2012 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 32"
I was going to build this one up with a 2.5in lift and 33in tires... but I’m going to leave it stock for one more summer so I can accurately judge trail difficulty for stock vehicles. However, I’ll start the build early if I get a JLU Willy’s (I really want to wheel that and prove 4 doors can wheel well on their stock suspensions).

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(within last 6 months)
Boulder Mountain (09/10/2020)
As other reviewers have said, this trail is narrow, even for my stock wrangler and my buddy’s lifted renegade. I do love this trail tho and kinda want to keep it a secret, but off-roading and these views should be enjoyed by all. I made a quick video of the trail and it’s attached here.
Mount Antero (08/20/2020)
This trail is great, but I forgot when we ran it, I believe it was late August. Anyway, we had a Renegade, Frontier, Range Rover, and wrangler. All made it up but the renegade required skilled driving and maximum effort. The Rover required careful maneuvering on the switchbacks. Overall great trail! Verizon cell phone reception at the top.
Tincup Pass (08/17/2020)
We took a stock renegade, stock wrangler, and 2 KL Cherokee Trailhawks (2in and 3in lifts) on Tincup Pass as well as old tincup. The renegade drove a bit recklessly (he has learned from this) and ended up breaking on the trail. The rest of us had only minor issues which was mostly due to poor sleep and hunger. Basically, the trail is beautiful and is suitable for most vehicles with 4low with some ground clearance. If you want to push it a little, old tincup will offer some challenge to aggressive stock trail vehicles like the Rubicon, Pro4X, TRD, Z71 models and built trail vehicles of all makes. Enjoyed the pass, next time, I’ll go up starting on Tincup but starting at either direction is allowed.
Pennsylvania Gulch (08/15/2020)
Hadn’t run this in a long time. When I first started running this, maybe 6 years ago, it was pretty boring, but it was close. Now, it’s more fun as it’s run off has exposed more rock and created more off-camber situations. Views aren’t great, but it’ll be a fun little trip. Just used 4low. Vehicles with less articulation may do some three wheeling.
Wheeler Lake (08/09/2020)
I loved this trail, although I’ll admit getting the new Cherokee through it was nerve racking for me (despite it doing awesome!). I’m more a video guy, so I’ve attached a trail guide video which relied heavily on this written guide. The second obstacle was my biggest challenge (SWB stock jeep) but I wasn’t aired down enough. Thought bowling ball hill was easy and with a skilled spotter, the flopper was a piece of cake. The New Cherokee struggled on the middle climb of obstacle 2 and took the v-notch instead (that was a bit crazy), but had no issues elsewhere. He didn’t do bowling ball hill altho I think he would have been fine. Definitely requires skids and rock rails. Also need durable tires as others have had issues with sliced tires on this trail. We’ll definitely be back!