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Poison Spider Mesa (11/27/2020)
Ran this trail today in my 2020 Wrangler Sport with a JKS 3" lift and 35's. Air'd down to 20. We very much took our time and watched others perform and spent 5 hours. Definitely could cut that time down. This is a busy (lots of obstacles) trail with lot's of climbing and then descents on the way back. We definitely climbed bigger shelves than we had prior to today!
Entrada Bluffs Road (11/26/2020)
This is basically an access road. We took it to get to the Top of the Mountain and Rose Garden trails (both a lot of fun.)
Top of the World - Utah (11/26/2020)
Really enjoyed this trail today! We have a 2020 Wrangler Sport with a JKS 3" lift on 35's. Most places you have a choice of how difficult. We did some nice tall ledges and left a little rubber on the mountain. We decided to take the eastern side of the lollipop down and decided to turn back and go down the other way. Definitely the more challenging side. It was a bear trying to get turned around too! Still a blast and perhaps if my Jeep wasn't a 2020 I would have let the frame slide us down a little. I don't recommend for a stock vehicle, but with careful lines it could be done.
Saran Wrap (11/14/2020)
This is a fun quick trail is you like to see your Jeep on 2 or 3 wheels. A quick trail with some V-notch fun and rock climbing fun. When you get to the end turn-around and do it in the other direction for a different experience. My co-pilot/wife did this trail and it was her first red/difficult trail. Raised her adrenaline a little, but she did great!
Mount Baldy (11/14/2020)
Nice moderate trail and recommend for beginners that want to try a few new challenges. Mostly driving through a wooded area.
Mt. Rosa (11/14/2020)
Did this trail with a little while of snow coming down. This trail struck me as a good beginner trail that would have a few challenges. Also a good trail for a stock vehicle. There are some nice views of the valley.
Gold Camp Road (11/14/2020)
This is really an access road with a few good trails running off of it. It's a long road that goes through and can be used for a weekend trip to Cripple Creek. The ruts on this road can make it like driving on ice. Airing down will give you back your traction. There are some moderate and difficult trails you can try in this area including: Mt Rosa, Mt. Baldy, Sara Wrap, and Eagle Rock. Lot's of area for shooting if that is your other outdoor hobby.