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Tim lives and works in Northern Colorado. He has owned and driven 4X4 vehicles his entire adult life including Jeeps, pick ups, ATVs and UTVs. After high school, Tim's first 4X4 was a 47 Willy's CJ-2A with a flat 4 and a 6-volt electrical system. Typically wheeling in Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming, Tim loves being in the mountains and the back country. Because of a desire to enjoy and promote responsible off-roading and to keep it available for the future, he belongs to a local 4X4 off-road club. Being part of the Trailsoffroad.com community furthers that goal as well. A love for off-road adventures, camping, fishing, and hunting keeps Tim away from pavement and always exploring. While his wife likes the comfort of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Tim prefers the ruggedness of the Jeep Wrangler. Although most off-road time is spent in Colorado and Wyoming, an occasional trip to the Moab area is common. Tim will spend the summer going topless and enjoying the value of the great outdoors. Amateur Radio Technician license call sign: ke0npg

My Garage (2)

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 35"
2015 Jeep Wrangler Willy's Wheeler, 2dr. AEV 2.5" duel sport lift, stock drive train, Rockhard front bumper with a Smittybilt X2o 12k synthetic line winch. Cooper MTX 315/70/R17 tires. Smittybilt XCR rear bumper with XCR tire carrier.

2018 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 3.5"
Tire Size: 37"
2018 Jeep JL Rubicon with the 2.0 l turbo engine. Teraflex 3.5” lift with Falcon series 3.0 shocks. Rockhard mid-width aluminum front bumper with a Smittybilt 10k lbs. synthetic line winch. Bestop NX soft top. BF Goodrich Mud Terrain KM3 tires with ProComp series 34 wheels. Cobra SXT75 CB radio and Yeasu 7200 duel-band Ham radio.

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Acme Creek Road (07/24/2020)
The US Forest Service is fighting a wildfire in the Acme Creek drainage. As of 07-14-2020, the estimated 15 acre fire was not yet contained.
Medicine Bow Road (07/12/2020)
This is one of my favorite roads in the Old Roach area. It has a more dense tree canopy and the road is a bit more narrow than other nearby route. There a quite a few large groups of campers at the last part of the trail near the Colorado-Wyoming State line, but the trail itself was not busy. We cleared out all the downed trees across the road during our trip.
Roach Road (07/11/2020)
Roach Road is the main forest service road through this part of the forest. There are still quite a few downed trees on and partially across the road. Beetle kill pines are seeming to fall in greater numbers in this area. There were a few campers along the first mile of the trail, but very few after that. The only other vehicle I saw on the trail were ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes. Don't let the recent hot weather fool you. Each morning, the temperature was in the 30's. It was a little chillier overnight than I expected.
King’s Canyon Road (07/11/2020)
Hot and dry. The trail was late to open this year because of a heavy, late snow season. Since then, little rain has fallen in the forest. There are current fire ban restrictions for the Routt National Forest. The road itself is in great shape. While other parts of the forest seem to be rather crowded, it was peaceful here.
Hohnholz Lakes (07/05/2020)
The lakes were busier than normal because of the holiday weekend. Conditions were dry but because of the late spring, the area was really lush and colorful for this late in the season. Some gravel road-base was added to the section of road that typically gets muddy. The improvement to the road should help out a ton once the summer monsoon rains begin.
Button Rock (07/02/2020)
I expected this area to be crowded with the 4th of July holiday. I was pleasantly surprised and found no other campers along Button Rock Road. There were a few side-by-side and a slew of hikers. The trail was in great shape. Fire restrictions in the forest prevented a camp fire.
Montgomery Pass (06/27/2020)
Trail was in great shape. There was still a couple snow drifts near the summit, but easy to get through. Camping is clearly the go to activity this summer as every campsite was filled in the state forest.
Bockman Road (06/27/2020)
The Colorado State Forest has finally opened the roads in the park. Park crew just completed a little bit of maintenance at the Hwy 14 intersection and about half way across. If wet, the road repair could be a bit muddy. Saw a bull moose on the trail near waypoint 4. This is becoming a usual event near this waypoint
Silver Creek Road (06/27/2020)
This is still one of my favorite trails in the Gould area. There were several large groups of campers along the first part of the trail and the area was heavily used during the weekend. The trail was in great shape. The water crossing at Waypoint 3 was surprisingly low considering the late season snow fall.
Teller Divide (06/26/2020)
The forest around Gould was really busy with a lot of ATVs and side-by-sides. There were quite a few downed pines and aspens along the trail. We cleared out the most intrusive offenders. Make sure you bring bug spray as the mosquito population is high.
Michigan River (06/26/2020)
Spent the weekend camping along Michigan River. With all the COVID issues for the past few months, it seems everyone else had the same idea. For some reason the sunsets have been spectacular this weekend. There is still a little snow up high, but the trail is in great shape.
Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch: Guard Rail (06/11/2020)
Guard Rail is a steep climb that is not really difficult. Although the route is fun, I an surprised that it is classified as a Jeep Badge of Honor trail. There are many better trails in the Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch.
Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch: Pee-Wee's Crossing (06/10/2020)
I attended the Jeep Jamboree USA event at the SMORR over the weekend and was able to catch Pee-Wee's Crossing during the event. Southern MO has received 42" of rain so far in 2020, so the trail was very wet with Pee-Wee's Crossing resembling a river from start to finish. The waterfall at Waypoint 3 is difficult and best suited for a vehicle with a little lift and a locker. An open diff TJ with our group got a little hung up at the tree on the right and needed a little tug to get past the section. This trail was a lot of fun playing in the water.
Deadman Road (06/03/2020)
Although this road typically opens on June 1st each year, there is still significant snow in the northern Colorado mountains. Larimer County Has announced that the Deadman area should open around June 30 this year.
Kelly Flats (05/30/2020)
Thankfully, something is finally open. The Northern Colorado Mountains had good snowfall this year and it has been slow to melt. Many trails will have delayed openings, but Kelly Flats is ready. Because it is one of the few trails open, it was really busy with several large groups running the trail on the weekend. For those of you who want to run the Chutes with an audience, a busy weekend offers quite a crowd to cheer drivers through the challenge. Enjoy the ride.
North Sand Dunes Road (05/17/2020)
The trail to Waypoint 5 is in the sun and free of snow for the most part. The rest of the trail is still heavily burdened with considerable snow. It will be a while before this one opens.
Kelly Flats (05/17/2020)
Had contact with the US Forest Service who advised that Kelly Flats was still closed because of snow and wet conditions. This next week is slated to be unusually warm. We'll see what that does for the trail conditions. Maybe next week.
North Sand Hills (05/17/2020)
The sand dunes are open and free of snow. Considerable snow is still present in the mountains to the east of the dunes, but the dunes are open. There were quite a few campers, ATVs, and side-by-sides in the area for the weekend. It seems that people are needing to get outdoors.
Rimrocker (05/17/2020)
Just Completed the Rimrocker, start to finish. This trail is a marathon. I especially enjoyed the section through the old mining area of Uravan, CO (Waypoint 24-37) as I enjoy to old mining ghost towns from Colorado's history. The scenery along this part of the trail was spectacular with the best part along the Atkinson Creek canyon. When we hit the Buckeye Reservoir, the backdrop of the La Sal Mountains was like the scene from an old western movie. The trail took us two days to complete with a bunch of sightseeing stops along the way. I'm not sure that this will be my regular route to get from Colorado to Moab, but I'll visit this trail again.
Turkey Roost (05/03/2020)
This is one of the first trails in the Northern Colorado Foothills to open for a spring time drive of camp outing. The trail was in great shape. Heavy rain the night before made the trail a little muddy and slick in a few spots. We ran across only one other vehicle on the trail. The weather was perfect for the trip. Because recreational shooting is not allowed on the SWA, camping is quiet and comfortable. This trail is not difficult for an experienced off-road driver, but it is a great opportunity for and inexperienced driver to test their muster and take in the beauty of this area.
Halligan Reservoir (05/03/2020)
When most other Colorado Trails are still closed, the Cherokee Park SWA is at least open. This is one of the earliest opening spring time trails in Northern Colorado. The road was rutted in a few places due to a recently melted spring snow storm. The benefit was that the trail was not dusty at all. The rocky spur at Waypoint 3 was the most enjoyable part of the trail. At the end of this spur, the old road was clearly visible down by the North Fork Poudre River. This section has been closed for some time now and doubtful if it will ever open again.
Camaan Springs Road (05/02/2020)
It is still early in the spring for trails along the the Pingree Park Road. Camaan Springs Road was in great shape and free of snow. There were a few areas water and mud on the trail, but easily passable without difficulty. The nearby Quigley Mountain to the south, still has snow visible. The camping season for this area has begun as we saw several camps established.
Sevenmile Road (04/27/2020)
The USFS has closed Seven Mile for the remainder of the spring. This closure is normal and lasts through the snow melt runoff. The trail usually open again on June 15.
Crown Point Road (03/31/2020)
We ventured out to get an idea of how the snow pack was fairing with the recent rise in spring temperatures. The Northern Colorado Rockies have had 120% of normal snow fall this season and it could be a while until trails open. Crown Point Road is a route that remains impassible until late spring or early summer. We were able to get a few hundred yards past Waypoint 6 before the wet, heavy snow politely asked us to stop. The first few miles of the trail are extremely muddy with some packed snow and icy conditions. Everything is wet, muddy or snowy along Crown Point Road and it could be quite a few weeks before any camping is an option in the vicinity.
Hahns Peak (02/15/2020)
Took a drive to the trailhead today knowing it was closed for the season. I wanted to get an idea of how much snow this area gets during the winter. I suspect it will not open until July-ish.

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