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Berdoo Canyon (04/11/2021)
Definitely one to come check out if you're looking for a laid back day on the trail. At the starting point there was a bunch, and I mean at least ten different groups of people all out shooting in the area. I'm a firearms enthusiast myself, but to come across so many random folks with guns and one dude was even loading a handgun in the middle of the path made me a little uneasy. But everyone seemed to being safe and shooting into a berm or hillside. The trail is super easy, took my new stock JLUR out no problems and not even close to scrapping on anything. Did come across a fella in a Sarah with running board and he also scrapped them in the section we crossed paths but with a little careful spotting he made it through. It's super laid back, mostly just easy to follow dirt trail with a couple of flexy sections. If you're a newbie might be an exciting trail, if you're experienced it'll be a easy fun day on the trail. At the end there was some great view of Joshua trees in the park! If you watch till about the mid-point is where the trail starts on my video. And here is a photo from the flexy section.
3N10 - John Bull East aka Little John Bull (01/27/2021)
Simple verison. Short but fun. The end, this trails is pretty short, but if you've never driven a V-notch then I'd say stop by an check this trail out. Its not a tough V or a very long one, but still a pretty fun obstacle and can give you a taste of what the full John Bull trail has to offer. Check the video below from my most recent trip!
3N07A - The Squeeze (01/23/2021)
This trail is awesome! I've met quite a few people on the trails around Big Bear who haven't been on this. If you haven't you're missing out, this is a MUST DO. But be warned anything even the ever so slightest wider than a Jeep simply won't make it due to the width constraints of the rocks. Checkout this video from my most recent trip!
3N69 – Gold Mountain (01/19/2021)
Always a "go-to" trail when you've only got a day to hit the trails. If you've anywhere within a few hours of Big Bear you definitely need to make the trip out to complete this one, and earn a badge! Here's the video from our trip.
2N61Y - Heartbreak Ridge (01/02/2021)
I feel like this trail doesn't get the notoriety that deserves. There's all different types of terrain in this one that makes it fun no matter what you're into. Lots of long dirt track roads on the way to the main trail head but once you're on the trial. There's some fun little climbs, a few rocky garden bits and great views 10/10 would recommend. Checkout the video from my most recent trip.