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4-5 years
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  • 2015 Nissan Xterra (3" lift, 33" tires)
I'm mostly out there to get away from the city but def like a few challenges.

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2015 Nissan Xterra

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 33"

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Mammoth Gulch (07/19/2020)
Dirt road with seemingly a lot of folks putting their vehicles on dirt for the first time. Pretty much every time I take this trail I have to take it super slow as I get behind someone that will not let me by. Be patient with them on this one, we were all n00bs once.
West Magnolia (07/19/2020)
Mostly a dirt road except for one short hill on the northern end. For any activities outside of off-roading watch for private property and a lot of folks camping on the northern end.
Yankee Hill - The Actual Hill (07/19/2020)
One of the best close to Denver places to bring out-of-towners for a quick off-road experience. This was the first time I got close to stuck in the rocks on the way up, perhaps my rig is telling me to get new shoes but stay to the right if you want to make the climb up easier.
Mosquito Creek Road (07/19/2020)
All clear. The northernmost water crossing that can sometimes be intimidating as you can't see the full crossing is minimal. This trail is a great "shortcut" from Mammoth Gultch to Yankee Hill area avoiding Kinston Peak but not a scenic trail by any means.