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Sandstone Canyon (02/20/2021)
This is another trail closed report, however it might not be permanent. I went out to Sandstone Canyon after I found out about the closure online. I hiked the canyon from the closure signs to the Wilderness Border way up canyon. There were old vehicle tracks going into the Wilderness. This was partially why it was closed. It is also reported that some one had gone into the wilderness all the way to the saddle between Sandstone Canyon and June wash, then drove in an anchor and winched into June wash over the saddle. This is the main reason the canyon was closed. I saw no signs at the Wilderness border warning users they were crossing into Wilderness. I called CORVA, and San Diego Off-road Coalition. to let them know and ask for advice. I have also been in contact with Ray Lennox, the Superintendent for the desert district in charge of Anza Borrego. I am working to reach a compromise with the State Parks system. If you want this canyon back open, at least some of it, support CORVA, and the SDORC. Call and Email Ray Lennox, and ask him to re open the canyon at least a reasonable distance and give users back some of the trail before the Wilderness boundary. Most importantly we as off-roaders, need to not let this happen, we are often our own worst enemies, and one of us doing the wrong thing can get a lot of land access taken away. In fact, who ever created this trail log for the website crossed into Wilderness by looking at waypoint 15. the color change from light green to a darker green on the map is the Wilderness boundary. We as off-roaders, need to be better than this if we want to keep access to our beloved trails.