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  • (2.5" lift, 32" tires)
  • (2" lift, 33" tires)
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Tracy is an outdoor enthusiast originally from north Alabama. His family moved to central Utah when Tracy was a child, and subsequently to southern Utah, where he fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. His favorite activities are family trail rides and camping with small groups. He started many years ago in his dad's F-150 pickup truck, and subsequently his own 4x4 acquisition, a 1975 Ford Bronco (in 1991).

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Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 32"
1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 4.2l inline six cylinder carbureted 2F H42 4-speed manual transmission wheels and tires: 235/85/16 MT's on American Racing wheels other: 2" OME suspension lift, Trail Gear sliders, custom front / rear bumpers, 9k winch, Camping Labs rooftop tent

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 33"
1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 295k miles on the 1FZFE inline six-cylinder, four-speed automatic, and manual dual-range transfer case. OME 2" lift springs, ARB bumper with 8k winch, custom sliders and rear bumper. Camping Lab rooftop tent.

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 29"
1988 Isuzu Trooper II 4ZE1 2.6L fuel-injected 4-cylinder, MUA5 five-speed manual transmission, and manual dual-range transfer case. 4.56:1 ring and pinion in OE Isuzu 10-bolt front (IFS) and Isuzu 12-bolt rear axles. Aisin manual locking hubs.

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Medano Pass (06/26/2022)
I drove Medano Pass with Colorado Land Cruisers (Colorado Springs) on June 25-26. Road conditions are good, there has been some dozer work on the east side where one can see that it was extremely muddy prior to the USFS and NPS declaring the road "open" in mid June. Also, there appears to have been a lot of sawyer work at the summit and west side due to wind damage--there were MANY trees blown over. Water levels in the creek are average, the deepest crossing I would estimate having been 14-16 inches.
Coal Canyon (06/05/2022)
I ran Coal Canyon with a group from Rock Junction (annual 4x4 event hosted by Grand Mesa Jeep Club) on Sunday, June 5, 2022. This road was a fantastic half-day trip and our group really enjoyed hanging out at the overlook.
Fremont County Road 27 (04/24/2022)
Low traffic and big panoramic views! I drove this road on Sunday, April 24th with a group from Colorado Land Cruisers (Colorado Springs).
Texas Creek BLM Road 6040 (04/24/2022)
Made the trip down to Texas Creek OHV Area with friends from Colorado Land Cruisers (Colorado Springs). Between WP2 and WP3 there are some narrow spots as that little canyon wash has weathered. Further uphill, at WP5 the road has been "braided" by SxS vehicles trying to avoid the rocks. Pity. Drive over the rocks, it's not difficult--a stock 4x4 in 4LO has no problem with good line selection.
Texas Creek BLM Road 6040A (04/24/2022)
No significant changes, except the road is "braided" by SxS vehicles avoiding the hole at WP3 (they made a bypass). Still among my favorites within the Texas Creek OHV Area.
Texas Creek BLM Road 6040B (04/24/2022)
Short and sweet--if you are there when the wind isn't blowing, then this is an excellent small group campsite.
Texas Creek BLM Road 6040C (04/24/2022)
Nothing changed since the last visit. Great views but often windy on this ridge.
Gemini Bridges (04/17/2022)
I drove part of Gemini Bridges late Saturday and camped in the designated BLM camping area (Waypoint 5). Sunday morning, I made the trek down to the stone feature for which this road is named. Much of the sand has been blown from the road, exposing more bedrock and few mild steps or ledges. Nothing a stock 4x4 cannot handle.
Bull Canyon (04/17/2022)
Easy and scenic morning drive, sunrise colors on the rock was fantastic! This is a worthwhile "side road" when driving Gemini Bridges.
Surprise Overlook (04/17/2022)
Easter Sunday morning on Surprise Overlook! The road is easy, little has changed since last year. The views are exceptional!
Bartlett Wash Road (04/16/2022)
I made a quick run down Bartlett Wash from Blue Hills Road (north of Moab); not a lot has changed but there seems to be more "bedrock" road surface, as if much of the sand has blown away.
Tusher Tunnel (04/16/2022)
I made the short drive and even shorter hike to visit Tusher Tunnel; not a lot of change to the road or the hiking path. Pleasantly surprised how clean the area was on this trip. There were lots of visitors on this date (mid-day Saturday).
Dubinky Well Road (04/16/2022)
I used Dubinky Well Road to get out to connect to Secret Spire and Spring Canyon Point. No significant changes in road conditions--there's little difficulty but use this as a connector to get yourself way out there!
Spring Canyon Point (04/16/2022)
This road was the highlight of my Saturday; I was literally out there all alone...not another soul on the road or at the river overlook.
Phantom Canyon (02/19/2022)
The road is in good condition; many areas are dry, but those parts that remain in shadow are snow-packed. Use caution on blind curves, and of course watch for on-coming traffic before the multiple (narrow) bridges and tunnels.
Shelf Road (02/19/2022)
The road is in good condition, but many (most) portions were muddy due to snowmelt and runoff. Some areas in shadows remain snow packed. Use caution approaching the blind curves.