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Tracy is an outdoor enthusiast originally from north Alabama. His family moved to central Utah when Tracy was a child, and subsequently to southern Utah, where he fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. His favorite activities are family trail rides and camping with small groups. He started many years ago in his dad's F-150 pickup truck, and subsequently his own 4x4 acquisition, a 1975 Ford Bronco (in 1991).

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Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 32"
1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 4.2l inline six cylinder carbureted 2F H42 4-speed manual transmission wheels and tires: 235/85/16 MT's on American Racing wheels other: 2" OME suspension lift, Trail Gear sliders, custom front / rear bumpers, 9k winch, Camping Labs rooftop tent

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 33"
1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 295k miles on the 1FZFE inline six-cylinder, four-speed automatic, and manual dual-range transfer case. OME 2" lift springs, ARB bumper with 8k winch, custom sliders and rear bumper. Camping Lab rooftop tent.

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 29"
1988 Isuzu Trooper II 4ZE1 2.6L fuel-injected 4-cylinder, MUA5 five-speed manual transmission, and manual dual-range transfer case. 4.56:1 ring and pinion in OE Isuzu 10-bolt front (IFS) and Isuzu 12-bolt rear axles. Aisin manual locking hubs.

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Aspen Ridge (10/18/2020)
Drove Aspen Ridge from south to north in order to access the Castles area south of Hwy 24/285. The road is in good condition, relatively. Nice to see "Stay the Trail" stickers on the route markers. The golden aspen leaves have all dropped to the ground, but it is still beautiful to see.
Fremont County Road 27 (10/18/2020)
Excellent touring road when the ATV season slows down; my visit on Sunday encountered few. I saw one ATV parked near the summit, and a group of five ATVs near Bull Gulch. On the return, I saw one Jeep parked at the summit. The road is in good condition.
Texas Creek BLM Road 6040C (10/18/2020)
Like 6040B, there's nothing extraordinary about the rocky dirt road, but the views from here are fantastic! If the weather is suitable (not windy), this is a prime campsite for 3 to 4 RTT equipped rigs.
Texas Creek BLM Road 6040B (10/18/2020)
The views are spectacular from here. The road is a simple dirt road but there is a prime campsite at the end. If the weather is stable (not windy) then this is a great spot.
Texas Creek BLM Road 6040A (10/18/2020)
Still one of my favorites, and combined with BLM Road 6040 this road is enough reason to come to Texas Creek. Spent Sunday morning here and saw no other vehicles in the area. The scrub oak is narrow between WP1 and WP2 so you can expect some pinstripes. The hole at WP3 is dry and easy going down and coming back up.
Texas Creek BLM Road 6040 (10/18/2020)
October must be the "off-season" for ATVs because I saw zero on BLM Road 6040, 6040A, B, and C. I arrived Saturday late afternoon and drove up 6040 to 6055 and set up camp just before dark. Sunday morning, I proceeded to the top of 6040 and had the whole mountain to myself. I don't like to drive far beyond 6040C because the road gets too narrow (near WP 13) and the constant scraping of scrub oak on the truck drives me crazy (not that I'm concerned about the paint, mind you! LOL). BLM Road 6040 and 6040A are my favorites in the Texas Creek area.
Fourmile Area: The Castles (10/18/2020)
I used FS Road 307 to return to Hwy 24/285 and get down to Bewnie (Buena Vista) for some fuel and snacks after spending the day in the Castles area (I entered from Salida via FS Road 185/Aspen Ridge). Take it slow and easy, enjoy the mountain scenery!
Bassam Park (10/18/2020)
Well, it's a maintained dirt road, but the scenery is fantastic and it gets you to the "fun" 4x4 roads quickly. The road is in good condition, just be cautious for others on bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, trucks, and Jeeps. Oh yeah, and free-range cattle. Watch out for the cattle!
Castle Rock Gulch (10/18/2020)
Drove this road after completing FSR 186/Black Dumps. The road is in good condition, seems less wash-boarded than the last time I remember. One MUST be cautious going around the curves! Also, conditions are very dry--the ponds and stream (near Waypoint 4) are almost completely dry.
Black Dumps (10/18/2020)
I ran Black Dumps counter-clockwise and found it completely dry and relatively smooth. The scenery on this road is fantastic--views of the Collegiate Peaks, aspen forest, and some interesting boulders. We did observe several trees collapsed (deadfall) across the road. I pulled one to the side of the road near WP2, but there was a large one between WP6 and WP7 (see photo) that I didn't attempt to move.
Texas Creek BLM Road 6055A (10/17/2020)
I arrived late on Saturday after spending the day at Red Canyon Park/Seep Springs near Canon City with Colorado Land Cruisers. I was concerned about getting to a campsite before dark and also seeking a spot that would provide some shelter from the north wind. From WP2 of BLM Road 6055, there are lots of scrub oak that will pinstripe your rig. I found that the three potential campsites on 6055A were not shielding the wind, so I picked a spot (WP2) on BLM Road 6055.
Texas Creek BLM Road 6055 (10/17/2020)
I arrived at Texas Creek in the late afternoon on Saturday, 10/17. I drove up BLM Road 6040 and chose to camp on BLM Road 6055 because it was getting dark and I didn't think I would make it to BLM Road 6040A before nightfall. Additionally, it was windy so I considered BLM Road 6055 or 6055A might provide some shelter. I'm glad that I camped here (WP2) because the views to the south at night are remarkable! I could see half a dozen dispersed campers far below in the distance, as well as the lights on US Hwy 50.
Pearl Pass (09/06/2020)
Drove the Pearl Pass Road on Sunday, September 6, 2020. Had not driven this road since 2016, so it was a treat to get back on 'Ol Pearl with a friend visiting from out of state. Found the road conditions more difficult than years ago (erosion on the CB side has exposed more rock obstacles). We camped on the CB side in the pines and aspens. Great trip!!!
Mosquito Pass (09/05/2020)
Drove from east to west on Saturday, September 5, 2020. The road is in good condition overall, but the west side upper switchbacks are eroded showing more rock. This is not a problem for even a stock rig, just pick your line to avoid dragging the undercarriage. The State Historical Fund was hosting an open house at the London Mill (Waypoint 4) so I stopped to visit; glad that I did because I got to see a large bull moose in the creek about 100yds from the site! For info on the restoration/renovation project see:
Twelvemile Lake (08/16/2020)
Drove Twelvemile Lake Road after camping a little further north of Breakneck Pass. Easy road and good scenery at the beginning and end (the middle is thick woods). Only one other truck on the road, and two mountain bikes; nice and serene setting.
Breakneck Pass (08/16/2020)
Camped at a spot between WP 8 and WP 9 on Saturday evening. Almost had the whole valley to ourselves--we saw one truck coming down Brown's Pass, one truck at the north end of Breakneck, and one farther south from us. Coyotes howled periodically through the night, and then a crescendo serenade at sunrise--it was pretty awesome!
Round Hill (08/16/2020)
When I'm in the area, I like to run FS Road 426 to the viewpoint and spend some time taking it all in. It really is a gorgeous panorama! The road is in good condition, technically a dirt road with no big rocks or ruts.
Fourmile Area: Chubb Park (08/15/2020)
Camped on the Lenhardy Cutoff and used Chubb Park to exit to US 24/285 and hustle over to Fairplay and Jefferson. Good connector road with classic Colorado views 360*
Red Cone (08/15/2020)
Red Cone with Colorado Land Cruisers on Saturday, 8/15/20. We had a great view of the wildfire smoke plume to the northwest.
Brown's Pass (08/15/2020)
Camped on the west side of Brown's Pass on Saturday evening (technically we were camping on FSR 175 Breakneck Pass). The road up and over is in good condition--props to Mile Hi Jeep Club (Patrol 2) for their volunteer efforts to maintain this road.
Fourmile Area: Lenhardy Cutoff (08/14/2020)
Camped here overnight Friday on the way to Red Cone on Saturday. Lots of campers/RVs but there are plentiful places for a small truck/SUV to park and camp.
Medano Pass (06/20/2020)
Day trip with Colorado Land Cruisers (Toyota 4x4 club out of Colorado Springs @coloradolandcruisers_tlca) on Saturday, June 20th, 2020. We had a small group of four; two Tacoma's, an FJ40, and FZJZ80. Road is in good condition, we were surprised to find the "usually deep" water crossing (Waypoint 6) was empty and the creek barely trickling through here. We didn't investigate but suspect that a beaver dam (or natural log jam) downstream had been cleared. Anyway, water levels at all crossings was 12-14" depth. The parking area at the dunes was crowded, but worth the wait to wade in the cool water.