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Hey Everyone! Born and raised in Colorado, grew up in Elizabeth and have always been an outdoor enthusiast, adrenaline junky, adventure seeker and steward of the land. I wrecked my first car (03 Ford Mustang) in the fall of 2014 and test drove a jeep (Rex) a couple weeks later and was instantly hooked. Guys at the dealership told me there was nowhere I couldn't go and I've been testing that statement ever since. The first real 4WD trip I took with my dad we decided to go check out Kebler Pass and Ohio Pass east of Crested Butte to see fall colors. We checked the FunTrek guidebook to see what else was around and found ourselves in Marble, cheeks clinched tight bouncing up the infamous shelf road in the Devil's Punchbowl. Terrified and relieved to have made it through we both have been addicted to wheeling ever since. I live in Denver and often times will head up to Boulder County to camp and run trails either side of Nederland. My favorites are Coney Flats Rd. and Middle St. Vrain Rd. from Camp Dick. Hiking up to the Continental Divide and taking a plunge into Red Deer Lake are my favorite parts of the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area. Hit me up if you're ever looking to head up that way! I know the area well. Roll heavy, roll hard, have fun and BE SAFE! and please, PLEASE, don't drink and drive!

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Meet REX, Found him on a used lot back in the fall of 2014 - had him out on his first run about 3 weeks later. Ran Rollins Pass East near Rollinsville, CO - an easy road to some high scenic vistas and an abandoned train tunnel. Rough run considering I knew nothing and was connected and running full tires the whole time. Have added a the rock bars since we've been together and have replaced plenty of non-cosmetic, essential stock parts to keep him runnin' (radiator, etc.) 35" Tires, 3" lift, stock in-line 6 engine with 101,000 miles on it. Bout due for a new set of tires and looking for a good rack to get set up for longer runs and more over-land trips. Lots of shakes, rattles and funny squeaks but lets out a Tyrannosaurus roar when we get on the trail!