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2017 Toyota Tacoma

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Rollinsville (07/04/2021)
This is a nice connector between Magnolia and Rollinsville if you don't want to be on CO119. Nothing technical, just a few puddles to have fun with.
Jenny Creek (07/04/2021)
This was a nice trail, and I ran it North to South since I drove up Rollins to start. Not overly challenging but definitely take it slow and have careful tire placement in a stock or close to stock rig between waypoints 7-10. I was a little careless and took some damage to my rear bumper.
Rollins Pass East (07/04/2021)
This was an enjoyable drive and is clear up through the blockage at the last waypoint. Ran Rollins up and Jenny Creek down!
Halfmoon Creek (06/05/2021)
The Forest Service is doing some maintenance with trees and some other things it appeared on the trail. It was closed just before the campgrounds the weekend we visited to camp. I would call the Leadville Ranger District before travelling, but there are still plenty of places to camp. One of our favorite areas to visit.
Ironclads (05/15/2021)
This was a fun trail, but probably at the limits of my mostly stock truck (slightly larger tires). Between waypoints 2 and 3 there is a natural set of "gate keepers" and my rig came close to scraping on the way up, and definitely knocked on the way down so use caution (picture 1). The entrance and some of the trails have some washout as well. I was by myself so I didn't complete the loop but it was still a very fun day!
Sugarloaf Mountain (05/09/2021)
Ran this from Gordon Gulch to Waypoint 1 (started between waypoints 4 and 5) and it was a pretty nice trail with some beautiful views even on a cloudy day. There are some washouts along the trail to be careful for, and there isn't a ton of room to pass if you encounter someone going the opposite ways of you. The road is also a little rough, but we did it without airing down so that didn't help. Near the switzerland trailhead there are some cool MVUM roads to goof around on. Overall a nice trail.
Gordon Gulch (05/09/2021)
Ran this trail to hit the switzerland trail. It was pretty wet but not tough for my mostly stock Tacoma to run through, but the hill between waypoints 13 and 14 was pretty steep and the pictures didn't do it justice. The hill was also pretty rutted out but not terrible.