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  • 2014 Toyota 4Runner (2.5" lift, 33" tires)
I'm a Toyota guy through-and-through, mainly 4Runners. You can pretty much find me in the hills every weekend, year-round, hitting a new trail or just enjoying the outdoors. Follow me on Instagram! @squatch.patrol.t4r

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2014 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 33"

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Flake Road aka Illinois Gulch (12/26/2020)
This area is a lot of fun and has a plethora of trails to explore! It's extremely easy to spend a full day here and find some varying trails to test your skills. I like to start on Illinois Gulch (which is about 1-2 minutes north of where this page tells you to start) and work my way to Long Hollow Road. Illinois Gulch is easy for both stock rigs and built rigs and is a good warm-up before you get to some of the other obstacles (Mini Moab or Moab Hill is the only difficult part of this area and even then, it has different lines to choose from so it's only as difficult as you make it). Once I hit Long Hollow Road, I work my way SE to where LHR turns into 348B which then takes you to Road 344 (turn right onto 344 and further down the trail is where you'll find Mini Moab). When I went out, it had been warm and precipitation-free the entire week so there was hardly any snow on the trail but there was a little bit of mud. A SxS did get stuck on 344 which caused a huge backup (probably close to 12 vehicles) at the junction of 348B and 344. Other than that, the trail was smooth sailing. This area is extremely popular for SxS's, dirt bikes and ATV's so if you can, go early on a week day. There are a lot of spots on this trail where passing would be impossible and backing up in either direction would be a bit difficult/stressful if you're not comfortable.
Bald Mountain Gulch (11/27/2020)
Super easy trail that you don't even need to air down for (I did anyway). The views along this trail can be incredible and there are quite a few awesome camp sites that I'll definitely be returning to! Follow me on Instagram @squatch.patrol.t4r