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2014 Toyota 4Runner

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Flake Road aka Illinois Gulch (12/26/2020)
This area is a lot of fun and has a plethora of trails to explore! It's extremely easy to spend a full day here and find some varying trails to test your skills. I like to start on Illinois Gulch (which is about 1-2 minutes north of where this page tells you to start) and work my way to Long Hollow Road. Illinois Gulch is easy for both stock rigs and built rigs and is a good warm-up before you get to some of the other obstacles (Mini Moab or Moab Hill is the only difficult part of this area and even then, it has different lines to choose from so it's only as difficult as you make it). Once I hit Long Hollow Road, I work my way SE to where LHR turns into 348B which then takes you to Road 344 (turn right onto 344 and further down the trail is where you'll find Mini Moab). When I went out, it had been warm and precipitation-free the entire week so there was hardly any snow on the trail but there was a little bit of mud. A SxS did get stuck on 344 which caused a huge backup (probably close to 12 vehicles) at the junction of 348B and 344. Other than that, the trail was smooth sailing. This area is extremely popular for SxS's, dirt bikes and ATV's so if you can, go early on a week day. There are a lot of spots on this trail where passing would be impossible and backing up in either direction would be a bit difficult/stressful if you're not comfortable.
Bald Mountain Gulch (11/27/2020)
Super easy trail that you don't even need to air down for (I did anyway). The views along this trail can be incredible and there are quite a few awesome camp sites that I'll definitely be returning to! Follow me on Instagram @squatch.patrol.t4r
Schubarth Trail (10/31/2020)
Super easy trail that could be navigated in practically any vehicle. There were a couple spots to have some fun and drive over an obstacle or two but all of these spots could easily be driven around if you're not in the right vehicle. At the very end of the trail where it takes you to the Air Force Base overlook, there's a fairly tight corner with a good-sized boulder that is impossible to drive around; this was the only place where a "rig" was necessary. My 4Runner with 33" tires handled it easily. After turning around at the AFB overlook, I took a right onto Hay Creek East Road, linked that with Hell Creek Spur Road, took that to Hell Creek Road and then got back to Schubarth (makes a big loop). All in all, easy trail through the trees that makes for a relaxing day (views were good too!).
Argentine Pass (09/12/2020)
Sadly I didn’t make it all the way to the top due to some snow that I would guess was about 10” deep. I would’ve tried but my tires are nearing needing replacement and the trail looked to be slightly off-camber facing down the mountain so I decided to back down until I could turn around. As others have said, the first mile or so has some rough terrain but it’s super easy. The only real obstacle is after you reach a flat lookout point (not sure what waypoint this might be as I don’t have All-Access). I saw about 3 Jeeps and an X-Terra come banging down the obstacle but quite frankly they just chose a terrible line. It was very easy to navigate it while still going OVER it and having some fun. All in all, this trail was the upper end of easy and I would love to try it again but maybe a bit earlier in the year.
Ophir Pass (08/30/2020)
Ophir Pass is a great trail to “warm up on.” There are no real obstacles to tackle but the shelf road will make absolute sure you’re paying attention. The views are awesome and the town of Ophir is pretty cool, too. Overall, it only took me 1hr20mins.
Yankee Boy Basin (08/29/2020)
It was pouring rain in the morning when I set out for Yankee Boy and the views were pretty much nonexistent. So, I didn’t go all the way up and instead started on Imogene to head to Telluride. Either way, Yankee Boy was an easy road to begin with and got tougher as I progressed but never turned into anything that I was nervous about. Loved the rock overhang on the road!
Imogene Pass (08/29/2020)
Wow. I watched YouTube videos and looked at pictures before my trip and being there in person was incredible. The trail itself is pretty easy on the Telluride side but the Ouray side is where things can get a little sketchy. On top of the already challenging terrain, I did Imogene in the pouring rain so all of the rock faces were slick as snot. Luckily, I started in Ouray so I was able to go UP the rock rather than down (idk about you guys but I prefer ascending obstacles, not descending haha). Sadly, I didn’t get to see any views at the top because I was up in the clouds but the scenery before and after reaching the top was awesome! The Ouray side is a lot of fun at the bottom of the mountain as the rock obstacles are challenging enough to be fun but no so challenging that they’re sketchy. Will definitely do again!
Engineer Pass (08/28/2020)
I only ran the rougher side that starts/ends at Highway 550 so this review doesn’t speak for the whole trail. I started on Cinnamon Pass in Lake City and then linked up with Engineer to head into Ouray. On top of heading DOWN the rough parts (I would have rather gone up), I did it in the rain when all of the off-camber rock sections and rock “walls” were slick. Some may disagree with me but I would definitely consider this part of the trail “difficult.” The road is somewhat narrow, it’s off camber, and it was wet. I had a great time but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty nervous for a good stretch of it. Overall, super fun and would like to do it again but heading the opposite way and when it’s DRY.
Cinnamon Pass (08/28/2020)
Awesome trail. Nothing was too challenging even though I did it in the pouring rain. There were a couple places where 4LO was needed but I did most of it in 4HI. I didn’t get to see any of the views because I was in the clouds but I actually enjoyed the added “mystery” of the bad weather! I linked up with Engineer and headed to Ouray after finishing Cinnamon.
Webster Pass (08/15/2020)
Nice, mild trail with only one section I would call moderate (everything else was easy). Once you get to the top of the pass and start heading down is when most people said it gets narrow but it’s really not bad at all. However, about 5-10 minutes after this “narrow” part is a much more narrow section with nothing but treachery to the left. I ran it north to south and had a great time. Plus, seeing Red Cone was cool, too!
Elk Park Road (08/08/2020)
Rough road that provides cool views with access to better nearby trails.
Apex Valley Road (08/08/2020)
I’m giving this four stars because it provides easy access to better nearby trails and the road itself is in good shape.
Kingston Peak (08/08/2020)
Had a lot of fun on this trail today. I did it in my decently-modified 4Runner and had no issues. I talked to one guy who said he didn’t air down and I’m surprised he didn’t blow a tire. There were a lot of spots where airing down was a necessity (in my opinion at least) and my tires at 17psi seemed to do well. Nothing was washed out or slick; overall, the trail was in great condition. I plan on going back earlier in the day to hike James Peak as it looked awesome perched above everything up there!