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Radical Hill (10/02/2021)
First time going up the trail, was on on 31.7’s and open diffs, other than needing to try the first obstacle a couple of time to find a line that didn’t scrape, it went smoothly. Condition wise there was about 2 inches of snow off trail at the top and a bit of water on the trail, but that will need to be re assessed after the recent snow as well as the possible snow on the 12th. Colorado MallCrawlers will be releasing the trail guide on YouTube that we filmed on this trail in the near future.
Democrat Mountain (06/13/2021)
The trail is clear up until a snow bank and blocking the last 1/8 mile of trail, ended up hiking bars peak from there. The Nissan is still up there but is easily passable. Not a good trail for larger groups as there is limited passing areas