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I began my love of the vast open spaces as a young boy walking and exploring the deserts of Southern California with my dad. It was, for me, a love affair that has gone unabated for over 50 years. I have owned all manner of four-wheel drives from a wildly modded, Jeepster to a CJ-5 and a mildly modded Isuzu Rodeo. My current project is an increasingly modded 4Runner though I dream of finding a vehicle that is the best of a Jeep and a Toyota - in a diesel. I am an inveterate outdoorsman and I rock climb, surf, fly fish and own way too much equipment (if there is such a thing.) I love old mines, finding desert junk and listening to the wind in the absolute solitude of a remote desert peak.

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2015 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 4"
Tire Size: 34"
2015 Trail Edition Premium: 34" Nitto Ridge Grapplers on Icon wheels. Icon Lift, front bumper with Warn winch and Baja lights, DeMello sliders, full length roof rack with an awning to get out of the sun.

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Grubstake Canyon Road (03/07/2021)
This was a nice little trail and part of our three day trip through the area that took us through Pinkham Canyon to the Black Eagle Mine, Grubstake Mine, Brooklyn Mine to the Ok Mine and up to Ivanhoe Mine then around the Iron Age Mine. I would probably give this trail a 2/3 in difficulty. The camping at waypoint four was an amazing place well protected from wind. The campsite at the end is definitely feasible, but it's a bit tight for two vehicles and I would hate to have a vehicle much bigger than a 4Runner or a Unlimited Wrangler up there. Be careful on the shelf road as there are a few spots that pretty narrow. You can make a Y-turn at the bend where the road wraps around to the end if you need to rethink your approach.
Old Dale Road (03/07/2021)
Did it again... I did want to add that the part of the road over the mountains has deteriorated some since I started doing this trail a few years ago and is getting, well... even more fun.
1937 (03/04/2021)
This trail is moderate but slow going because it's so rocky. It's essentially a shot through a beautiful secluded canyon and is a nice way out of the Brooklyn Mine area. We took this as part of a three day trip through the area that took us through Pinkham Canyon to the Black Eagle Mine, Grubstake Mine, Brooklyn Mine to the Ok Mine and up to Ivanhoe Mine then around the Iron Age Mine. Somebody should do a map on the Iron Age mine as it's really a beautiful valley.
Pinkham Canyon (03/03/2021)
This is a great trail!!! I'm sorry I didn't do it sooner. It's very secluded and really quite beautiful. I actually prefer this trail over Berdoo Canyon. The trail is truly a mix and depending on some of the lines you take through the wash, it can be either easy or push into four/five rating range if you choose the wrong set of tracks to follow.
Black Eagle Mine Road (03/02/2021)
I finally did this trail as part of a three day trip through the area that took us through Pinkham Canyon to the Black Eagle Mine, Grubstake Mine, Brooklyn Mine to the Ok Mine and up to Ivanhoe Mine then around the Iron Age Mine. While I'm not sure I would rate this a five, I would say it has some areas that are not for Subaru's though a skilled driver could do just fine. This trail does go past the rock at the end with a by-pass that has been cut into the right side of the road. About two-hundred yards further up the road is an embankment of dirt obviously put into place by a large bulldozer to block the road. This too was surmounted on the left (lower or long wheelbase vehicles will likely high center). If you have doubts about your vehicle or skill, I would follow Robert's instructions and stop at waypoint 14 and walk the rest of the way. We turned around after that due to getting too close to the bigger Eagle Mine area which is closed. Interestingly, I watched a video on this trail before we left and the creator of that review ran into a person who had driven their sedan past the numerous warnings of the National Park and got stuck in the sand. He winched her out, fortunately for her. On our way out we encountered a deep hole in a sandy wash and tracks that didn't proceed beyond the hole. They were not there the previous day which would indicate that people are not heeding the warnings.
Hoodoo Wash (11/22/2020)
Fun trail with some history to it. The cabin is cool and I wish we had planned to stay the night in it. The pump wasn't working, as was noted in the many visitor comments, but apparently it usually does and water can be available. My traveling companion said this has been a bad year for rain in Arizona, so the water table may have dropped beyond the level of the pumps reach.
Kofa Manganese Road (11/22/2020)
This was another incredible leg in our circumnavigation of Kofa Preserve. The scenery is absolutely incredible and it is truly a well cared for preserve. We didn't see anyone at all back here on perfect autumn desert days. I would recommend this trail and linking it up with Engesser Pass with a stay overnight. You can do them both in a day though.
Engesser Pass (11/22/2020)
This is a beautiful area. The Kofa mountains make a perfect backdrop for this awesome day in the Arizona desert. There is some pretty good pinstriping going through the narrow wash areas, but overall a great trail. We linked this up as a quasi circumnavigation of the Kofa preserve.
Geology Tour Road (11/18/2020)
This is a great little casual drive through the desert. I've done this probably 25 times, either as part of the Berdoo Road trail or alone, and I always enjoy it. It is particularly spectacular in the spring when the wild-flowers are putting on a show. NOTE: While a sedan can make it through, I would warn against sharp rocks that slice the sidewalls of tires. Also, do not attempt this road in anything but a four-wheel drive vehicle after it rains. The road from Park Blvd to the loop gets flooded with very deep water without a by-passes. Additionally, the north and north-east corner of the loop have a lot of silt that turns to deep mud. Always check the conditions of the road prior to going - and please stay on the trail. ;-)