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Recently moved to COS, and my wife and I love the outdoors. We really enjoy backpacking and hiking in Colorado. We have also taken up riding the backroads and getting those great views without a multi-hour hike.

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2019 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Black Bear Pass (09/06/2020)
Unbelievable trail. My first run of Black Bear Pass and did with the CCC4W Club. So glad to do it with the club and experience drivers. We started out of Ouray up the Red Mountain on the Million Dollar highway. Then a beautiful climb to the Black Bear Pass. The decent was very enjoyable with the vast variance in sections (downhill from pass, steps by river, waterfalls, and cliff switchbacks). The view were breathtaking. There are section on the trail that can really cause issues if you take the wrong line, but very doable if taken slow. Ran it in with a stock JL Rubicon.
Ophir Pass (09/06/2020)
Simple trail we ran from Telluride and the little town of Ophir to the Million Dollar Highway / 550. Very busy pass with many Subarus coming from 550. Had a 20 minute wait while traffic came downhill off the cliff line. View were nice going up, and on the downhill, but the pass is very rocking with limited views.
San Juan County Road 2 (09/05/2020)
Dirt road that was so crowded and dusty that you could not go over 20 MPH and see. Never again! Should have gone over California Pass.
Cinnamon Pass (09/05/2020)
An enjoyable trail and a long , simple tail until go get to the accent. Long day if done with Engineer Pass and Rd 2 into Silverton. Very beautiful trip and probably much more enjoyable when less crowded than Labor Day Weekend.
Engineer Pass (09/05/2020)
Did the trail from Ouray to Lake City. The first 6 miles was a little technical and had some good steps/obstacles. The mid section was very beautiful and enjoyable except for the hundreds of sheep??? Most of this above the tree line. The last 18 miles was a very easy dirt road that was very crowded.
Mount Antero (07/12/2020)
Trail in good condition, but bottom section (below tree line) real rough and stock clearance needed. Needed to go around excavator near Mount White to get to top of Mount Antero. Views are excellent from the top and you are only 500 feet from completing a 14er.
Fourmile Area: Natural Bridge (07/10/2020)
Another nice, easy loop near BV. Missed trailhead to bridge as waypoint must not of worked. Loop has a couple nice camp sites with views of collegiate peaks.
Fourmile Area: Sevenmile Creek (07/10/2020)
Simple trail into BV with some nice views. Trail is very busy with ATV’s and motorcycles. Was also very dry, thus dusty.
Gold Camp Road (06/07/2020)
Easy road and done many time, but really slow going. Really torn up now as east section has lot of washed out sections and west of has many holes. Lots of traffic until St Peters Dome.
Mount Baldy (06/07/2020)
Nice trail on a bluebird day!! Very diverse and a little of everything (rock climbs, mud, parks, washouts, and forest). Did in reverse by coming in off of FR376 to FR379 on north west end and then took FR379A to Mt Baldy/Almagre and then down 379. NW end of 379 is much more difficult and part of Eagle Rock