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We moved to COS in 2019 and we love the outdoors. We really enjoy backpacking and hiking in Colorado. We have also taken up riding the backroads and getting those great views without a multi-hour hike.

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2021 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Running stock for a year with cosmetic and recovery upgrades.

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Bill Moore Lake (08/07/2021)
Ran trail out and back on 8/7/21. Trail had several small obstacles (washouts, boulder fields, standing water, and a couple 12" steps). Trail was not to busy early, but on way down we had lots of oncoming traffic. A few part of the trail are tight and tough to pass. The lake is a nice place to take a break and enjoy the views. If you are up to a hike, the CDT crosses the road near the end of the trail by lake and you can get a good hike to a 13er Mt. Flora Summit. Nice hike, but limited views because of smoke. DId not run any of the other nearby tails on way down because was alone by then. Will be back to play on the other trails.
Illinois Gulch (07/17/2021)
Short easy trail that gets you up or down from Quarry Road or go to Missouri. Few small obstacles, but not really obstacles. It is narrow is a few sections.
Bull Park (07/17/2021)
This trail is open (maybe), but there are numerous signs stating it is closed, so I turned around at about waypoint 5. Was a pain to turn around in stream.
Quarry Road (07/17/2021)
This is nice short trail with a "mini" Mini Moab near the top that you can play on. Ran it numerous times up and down to enjoy a little off roading.
Peak 10 (07/11/2021)
Nice trail right in Breckenridge that get you to 13K in under an hour with tremendous views of summit county. Trail in good shape with only a few obstacles after last ski lift (waypoint 12).
Georgia Pass (07/11/2021)
Out camping in Breckenridge and made a quick run up Georgia Pass from our campsite on North Fork. Easy trail with a lot of loose rocks, and nice view at the top. Go another 1/2 mile on SOB to get to Colorado Trail, then hike up trail for better view. Came across at least a dozen thru hikers on the CT.
American Gulch/Humbug Hill (07/10/2021)
Interesting trail down to Georgia Pass from Breckenridge. Was real easy until ran into a couple corners that have been cut out by razors and 4wheelers. Made for some really sharp turns with pitch near 30. Got the passengers making noice. Not many views as in the woods the whole way down.
Mt. Rosa (06/06/2021)
Nice easy trail with some fun offshoot to play in. Not many views either, but you can hike to some good view of COS.