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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • 2021 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (2.5" lift, 35" tires)
We moved to COS in 2019 and we love the outdoors. We really enjoy backpacking and hiking in Colorado. We have also taken up riding the backroads and getting those great views without a multi-hour hike.

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2021 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 35"
Just did the wrench work on the 2021 Wrangler ULR. Put on 2.5 lift (coils, springs and eight adjustable control arms) for the summer of 2022.

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Pearl Pass (09/04/2022)
Beautiful, long trail and one of the nicest in Colorado. We ran this from the Aspen to Crested Butte. Not that hard of a trail, with only three significant obstacles. But the one wet obstacle and some significant off-camber sections on the shelf road on the Aspen side, probably make this a fair rating. When you think the trail is almost over, it is not, as there are at least six miles after you get off the mountain to Crested Butte.
Taylor Pass (09/03/2022)
We ran this with the club. Still a challenging boulder trail the whole way up. Lots of traffic on the Taylor Park side and no traffic on the Aspen side.
Red Elephant Hill (08/20/2022)
Ran this trail with a group. Need the proper rig with the right tires, gearing and clearance. Nice long challenge with MANY rocks and boulders. No views until you get to the top. The trail broke one of our rigs and a second one had some maintenance issues. Come prepared to work on the rigs.
Engineer Pass - Alpine Loop Connector (08/13/2022)
I did the Alpine Loop today and I was glad for this connector. Easy connector after running Cinnamon Pass to connect with Engineer. I was able to do the whole loop Cinnamon, Alpine Connector, and Engineer in a little over 4 hours. Was so suprised how little traffic out this weekend.
Imogene Pass (08/11/2022)
I ran this trail from Telluride to Ouray, early in the morning before much traffic on the trail (thanks for getting it open). Enjoyed it and it might be one of the most scenic trails I have been on. It is an easy trail if you avoid almost all the technical stuff (you kind of have to go looking for it).
China Wall Road (07/16/2022)
DId this trail today by ourselves. Enjoyed, but it was a really simple trail with four fun obstacles to play on. The obstacles were different enough that you could do them several times on separate lines. Glad we were the only one on trial so we could run them several times. Only one of them did not have a bypass. We saw one other vehicle on the trail on a Saturday afternoon in July.
Box Road (aka China Wall - North) (07/16/2022)
DId this trail after China Wall. There are two good sections to challenge you. The first rock section e one can be run several ways, so fun to plan on. The second obstacle was a sharp turn with some big rocks in the middle, causing the vehicle to get off camber or hit the differential. Rest of the trail was a dirt road.
Bull Park (07/09/2022)
Nice trail, lots of boulders, and a few good obstacles. Trail has numerous very narrow sections so expect some road rash!
Eagle Rock (07/09/2022)
Ran the trail with a local club. Fun trail with a lot of technical obstacles. Don't take it for granted or you might need a pull!
Taylor Pass (06/24/2022)
Trail passable the whole way! We ran the trail today all the way through from Tayler Park, Ashcroft, to Aspen. Good challenge up to pass! Going in the stream was real cool. We ran it in a Rubicon and our son ran it in a 2” lifted double cab long bed Tacoma. Sliders, skids and exhaust reroute were beneficial! Views were awesome from the top of the pass
Tincup Pass (06/23/2022)
We ran this trail both directions as the loop is closed. The old section is most difficult, as appears seldom run as very overgrown. Enjoyed the Tim Cup and Elmo towns, and the trail was fun with some good views.