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2N17X - Pilot Fuelbreak aka The Old Pilot Rock Trail (03/27/2021)
Ran this with some buddies on a perfect Saturday. Only saw a few dirt bikes and side by sides. Trail is in good shape, just challenging enough to make you feel like you're doing something. Stringed it together with pilot rock and willow creek jeep trail ending at lake arrowhead. Great day in the woods.
Last Chance Canyon - Red Rock Canyon State Park (02/27/2021)
Nice trail into Red Rock Canyon. Just enough rocky obstacles to make you feel like you did some work. We went northbound and finished with climbing up graduation hill, which looks trickier than it actually is. Good trail overall with proper ground clearance.
Fish Creek Trail - Anza Borrego (10/24/2020)
Great main trail for exploration of the local landscape. Lots of traffic, but most areas are wide washes, so no problems. Lots of deep sand washes for shenanigans, but plan accordingly so you don't get stuck like the rental Lowes truck we had to tow out. Make sure you make the hike to the wind caves, definitely worth the stop.
Olla Wash - Anza Borrego (10/24/2020)
Fun little trail with no obstacles to note. Great place to find camping spots as there are many flat canyon areas.
Sandstone Canyon (10/24/2020)
Great views on this trail that wows at every turn. We made it through waypoint 7 and the waterfall, but decided to turn around at waypoint 10 as the 100 series was just slightly too big to be comfortable. Got a couple of scrapes and bumps going back down 7 as noted. There were several other big groups meandering the canyon, but nothing past 7, so it was indeed a gatekeeper. Good mix of trail exploration and rock crawling. Great times, sliders definitely recommended if going through 7.