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Ben Stone grew up in Southern California with family and friends enjoying weekends in the high and low deserts off-roading everything from motorcycles, ATV's and Jeeps - essentially anything made for dirt. Ben recently moved from the fast paced living of Orange County to Lucerne Valley to be close to all of his favorite trails and bask in the desert tranquility. He enjoys long hikes with his dog Boots in the desert exploring new trails while discovering hidden places to share with other enthusiast. Ben’s rig is a 2015 JK Rubicon with a modest list of upgrades. Off-roading is more than a hobby to Ben, it’s the means to a peaceful lifestyle and spiritual connection to nature and our creator. Comradery with fellow wheelers and sharing the passion is his main goal as a team player with TrailsOffRoad. Ben is also the owner of Happy Trails Rental LLC - a Polaris Adventure Outfitter that rents new 2018 Polaris RZR in the Johnson Valley area.

My Garage (1)

1. Smittybilt XRC front bumper, rear bumper & sliders 2. Rigid SR2 50" Flood/Hyperspot with A-pillar mounted Rigid D2 3. Vision X Vortex headlights and fog lights 4. AEV rear differential slider 5. Skid Row oil & tranny skid, EVAP skid and transfer case skid 6. Dynatrac front & rear differential covers 7. Fox 2.0 shocks 8. Tera Flex 3" Lift with 8 Flex Arms with Tera Flex front and rear track bars 9. 35" x12.5 x15R BF Goodrich KM2 tires 10. Upgraded speakers and amplifier to satisfy the owner's hearing loss needs 11. Warn Zeon 10 winch

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Quill Springs Lookout (06/08/2018)
Trail is open and the trail conditions are the same as the original write up. Be aware of some recent red BLM trail closure signs in the area and stay on only Open Route trails. The cottonwood tree at waypoint 8 is in full bloom and full of green leaves. I always like to bring a couple gallons of extra water and use it to water the cottonwood, keeping it looking good. I'm sure the tree would appreciate a little water love from all visitors as well.
Rodman Mountain HP (06/07/2018)
Trail is open and trail conditions are the same as when the original trail was written up. Great views from top. Be cautious of any service trucks traveling up and down the mountain as there are active antennas on top.
Hamburger Hill (06/07/2018)
Unfortunately the best section of this trail is not designated as an open route in the BLM Ord Mountain Subregion, therefore it's officially off limits. There are no red trail closure signs identifying the last part of the tail is closed but there are also no open route markers. The official BLM policy in this limited use are is if there are no open route markers identifying a trail, then the trail is closed. The BLM has installed all new brown open route and red closed route trail markers in the Ord Mountain subregion to help identify the trails. Please respect the closed route signs and do not do any cross country travel in this limited use area.
Box Canyon - Lucerne Valley, CA (06/07/2018)
Trail is open and trail conditions are the same as trail write up. The BLM has installed new trail markers along the trail to better identify the open routes. Please be cautious on this trail and be on the look out for any desert tortoise. If you happen to spot a desert tortoise, please give plenty of clearance between your vehicle and the tortoise AND never get close or touch the desert tortoise - it could put them into shock and kill them. Enjoy the trail as it offers plenty of visual stimulation and if you are lucky enough - great sunsets too.
Newberry Springs Fall (06/07/2018)
Trail is open and the conditions are the same as the original trail write up. Please note that at waypoint 4, the BLM marquee sign for the Newberry Rodman Sub region has been removed (looked like vandalism). I've made the BLM aware of the issue, however the trail is open for travel.
Skull Rock Of Johnson Valley (06/07/2018)
DJ B Nuts sitting in the eye of the storm...sort of. The Skull is a good place to visit but unfortunately some unscrupulous folks have littered the place and used it for a shooting range. Nevertheless, the surrounding sand dunes are a great place to zip around on and enjoy.
Trio Of Mines (06/07/2018)
Trail is currently open, however you will see some red trail closure signs posted on some side trails that are not part of the open route marked trails in the BLM Ord Mountain Subregion. Stay on designated trails with only open route markers. You may see biologist in this area studying the desert tortoise, so please be respectful. Trail conditions are the same - no major changes.
Mine Yur Business (06/07/2018)
Trail is open but it's still hard to spot the right turn off at waypoint 7. I stacked some rocks to better identify the right turn at waypoint 7. Great views from the end of the trail high on the side of Ord Mountain looking west towards the sunset. Best time to visit this trail is the late afternoon to take full advantage of the sunsets (plus you are heading east up the mountain away from the direct sunlight).
Hercules' Highway (06/07/2018)
Unfortunately the BLM has placed numerous red trail closure signs along this route starting at waypoint 5 through waypoint 15. The majority of this trail is closed. However from waypoint 5 you can continue straight on BLM OM 6600 trail as it parallels the previous mapped trail. You can loop around on BLM OM 6600 for about 3 miles to trail BLM OM 6635 - turn right on BLM OM 6635 and connect to waypoint 15. Some good news, the BLM has cleaned up the trash pile at waypoint 4 - way to go!