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2015 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (07/25/2021)
This is fun little trail. There are a couple slightly technical spots, but nothing a stock 4x4 and a little experience can't handle. The mine and the views at the top are worth the trip. Took about an hour each way. There is also some great camping opportunities, especially closer to the top. The lower section is pretty much a dirt road that is just lined with easy to access designated camping, but once you get past the crowds, the trail begins to feel more remote.
Hell Creek Spur Road (07/10/2021)
If you are in the Schubarth network and looking for a challenge, this is it! The far east side has a decent boulder to climb or navigate and a relatively steep hill. Had a great time camping on the east edge of the mountains and watching the fireworks down below on July 4th. Heading west, between Hay Creek and Hell Creek, there are a couple boulder and wash out climbs that can be difficult. I'm guessing these have developed subsequent to when this trail was last updated because I think this spur could easily be rated a 4, maybe even a 5.
Hell Creek Road (07/10/2021)
We didn't go to the hill climb at the very end, only used this as an alternative route back down to Schubarth after Hay Creek and Hell Creek Spur. As the guide says, this trail is very easy if you don't attempt the hill climb at the end.
Hay Creek East Road (07/03/2021)
Really fun, stock-friendly trail. Its maybe a little more challenging than Schubarth, but not by much. Check out the tree swing that someone made about half way down lol.