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2015 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Rampart Range Road (02/20/2021)
As the crew posted below, Rampart Range is only partially open. I accessed it from Mount Herman Road and then exited further sound using a paved road that goes down into Woodland Park. There are plenty of camping spurs that are accessible in this stretch and the snow coverage was minimal and/or packed due to heavy use.
Farish Memorial Road (02/20/2021)
This is a nice, easy trail even during the winter because it is heavily used as an access point to an Air Force recreational area. It also provides access to some decent camping opportunities. The only downside to this trail is it seems they are doing some logging operations or tree clearing for fire control (I'm guessing), so expect to see some heavy equipment and tree piles along the way.
Ensign Gulch (02/20/2021)
This trail was really fun and it surprised me a little given the easier rating! I'll have to try it again in the summer when it isn't covered in snow. Regardless, I had no trouble at all getting through, even through there were some steeper and shaded areas where the snow was a little deeper. Regardless of which direction you run this trail, you are going down in elevation and then back up, so definitely be careful during the winter months.
Beaver Creek Road FS Rd. 315 (02/20/2021)
This is a really fun winter trail and an alternative route from Mount Herman to Rampart Range. There was snow, but it was mostly packed down.
Mount Herman Road (02/20/2021)
Mount Herman Road is a great access point to the rampart range trail system during the winter months and there is a ton of camping pull offs and camping spurs throughout the trail. Currently, there is a fair amount of snow on the trail, but because it is so heavily used, this trail is very packed down and passable. Just be smart about the temperatures and time of day to avoid ice.
Matukat Road (aka Goose Creek Road) (01/17/2021)
Very mild trail and there was little to no snow. Enjoyed a weekend of easy wheeling and camping with our overland trailer along this trail. Seems like this will be one of my go-to trails for winter camping as long as the snow levels are low. There are several connecting trails that were all in decent condition too. (2015 JKUR, 35s, 3.5" lift)