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2-3 years
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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • 2007 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (3" lift, 37" tires)
Retired Army just trying to get out and enjoy the land as often as I can with my kids!

My Garage (1)

2007 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 37"
Building it for Overlanding! Looking at the rooftop rack and storage system next!

My Trail Reviews (21)

(within last 6 months)
Mt. Rosa (11/01/2020)
Was an awesome trail with great views at the top!
Seven Lakes (11/01/2020)
More of a forest service rd than a trail. Wide in most areas.
Mount Baldy (11/01/2020)
Loved the view from the top. Trail really tests you after waypoint 8. Up until then it's pretty easy going.
Bull Park (11/01/2020)
Ran this, Mt. Rosa and Mt. Baldy same day. By far the most challenging and most fun was Bull Park. Loved both the obstacles in this trail.
Ophir Pass (09/06/2020)
The last trail of our trip and what would you know, someone broke down right before Ophir where it's a one way. Still, had great views and was just the easy trail we needed before heading home.
Black Bear Pass (09/05/2020)
Awesome trail! Loved, loved, loved this one. Was a little technical pass the summit and the switchbacks weren't as bad as described. Just pay attention to your wheels.
Imogene Pass (09/05/2020)
My wife's favorite trail this trip. Camped along the end of it right next to a creek and of course had a great night sky.
Engineer Pass (09/04/2020)
Such an amazing trail and surprisingly dead as far as traffic goes. It was easier than I had anticipated until you got to around Poughkeepsie Gulch.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (09/04/2020)
Awesome trail that is a must-do. Ran into traffic at the hill so went around, had the RTT anyways.
Hurricane Pass (09/04/2020)
Great trail to get from Apline Loop back to the highway. Flies by if not paying attention.
Corkscrew Pass (09/04/2020)
Easy trail that has lots of traffic! We camped somewhere near the end of it and had the best views.
Rimrocker (08/06/2020)
Awesome trail that has its easy parts and it's slower parts. We took our time coming from the Moab side and camped twice. Once around waypoint 60 and again around waypoint 12. Started at about 4pm on Thursday and was finished about 11am Saturday. All the water crossings were dry this time of year.
Hurrah Pass (08/05/2020)
Great trail with fantastic views!
Chicken Corners (08/05/2020)
Had a one night stand at waypoint 6 after a long drive from Colorado. Fantastic trail with great views. Highly recommended.
Flake Road aka Illinois Gulch (07/19/2020)
What a muddy day! But this trail was a blast. Moab Hill was awesome. Only real hiccup was this giant mud hole that my friends kept getting stuck in.
Missouri Gulch (07/19/2020)
Gorgeous views! Just beware that the trail is tight in a lot of places and very busy.
China Wall (07/18/2020)
Fantastic trail that will test you, your spotter, and your rig. We enjoyed our camping spot nearby the rock obstacle on waypoint 4. We didn't have lockers but I could see how they would help.
Beryllium Road (07/18/2020)
Good easy ride. Just watch it for all the quads and side by sides.
Sixteener Road (07/18/2020)
Lots of camping here. We stopped for lunch before heading to China Wall.
Cloverdale Mine (07/17/2020)
Beautiful trail. We did a night run and camped by the lake. It's very rocky the majority of the trail. Need 4L and clearance.
Mount Herman Road (05/12/2020)
Was a great ride with beautiful views. Watch out for the bikers and hikers.