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McClellan Mountain (08/16/2020)
I only did the trail in to the mine that is currently being remediated (lots of construction fences and vehicles at the mine), then part of the trail up to McClellan Mountain. I ran the trail in a stock 4Runner SR5 with full pressure street tires. Nothing I did was too technical or challenging (it seems going to Argentine is harder than going to McClellan). I'm pretty sure I could have made the summit of McClellan but I just ran out of time. As others have said, the hardest part is the first mile or so after the turn off from Guanella Pass Rd. It's rocky so you need decent clearance and careful tire placement here and there, but overall not too challenging. I saw a few camp sites along the way, but there weren't that many so I'd recommend having a back up plan if you're looking to camp here.