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Red Cone (10/03/2021)
Much of the snow melted on the bulk of the trail, leaving a wet and no-dust day, which was great. The north facing descent from the peak of Red Cone was still covered in snow with ice underneath (particularly on top). Many vehicles, side-by-sides, and ATVs made the trip down. I witnessed one Wrangler get sideways from locking the tires up, but it safely came to a stop. After releasing the brakes, it straightened back out and continued under control. A side-by-side on desert tires needed to be rescued after losing control and also getting sideways. The attached pic is taken from Webster Pass to show how much snow remained; didn't think to take one from the top of Red Cone.
Red Elephant Hill (07/17/2021)
It gets more ate up each year, it appears. Soft dirt through much of the challenging spots. Unless you're on big tires with a flexy suspension, a rear locker or awesome traction control is a must... unless you stack a ton of rocks.
Bill Moore Lake (07/17/2021)
Heads up about waypoint 1/air down-n-up area... there are numerous new 'No Parking' signs in this area. The only "legal" spot to park is between two signs on the right side (when driving in); you'll see them before you make the 90 degree right turn to start the trail. There is a local/downhill resident who harrassed our group because we weren't parked in the allowed area (there wasn't enough room available) while we aired up. He was taking pictures of license plates in his fit of anger. A matter of minutes after the harrasser left, an Empire city police officer showed up but only out of coincidence. He acknowledged we were not blocking the private driveway (on the far left where there is a gate), and we were being courteous by not clogging up the road (which is county and not city). He was there educating folks.