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1994 Land Rover Discovery

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Rollins Pass East (10/12/2019)
Passable to the top. Some snow on the road in the shady spots but nothing deep. Still pot holed, rocky, and bumpy.
Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (10/02/2019)
Clear to the top. Fall colors are just about done for this area; definitely past prime. Handful of hunters, and a couple of campers, in the area. Hiked to the iron fens while there. A dirt bike of some kind ignored the gate, and multiple signs, and not only drove up to the fens, but drove over them, and continued up the mountain in one of the creeks feeding the area... all based on the fresh tracks left behind. Very disappointing to see. Please stay the trail!
Jones Pass (08/24/2019)
Same as others have reported... snow still blocks the top of the Pass. Rough guess is it's still 16-18 feet deep. The road in is very mild, making it very accessible, so expect traffic and lots of people.
Loch Lomond (08/24/2019)
Only one dug out spot, which may give those without flex/locker/traction control a fit (watched a mildly lifted Jeep YJ pull over to let traffic by because it was flexing out and spinning tires). Otherwise, it's a rocky road that has a few rocks large enough to give stock high clearance vehicles a scrap if you're not paying attention or choosing good lines. Still a popular area, particularly on the weekends, so expect to meet traffic along the way. Most of the road is wide enough to allow passing without big concerns. The runoff is flowing so high and fast still that it is overflowing onto the road in one spot, but it's not deep so no worries.