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Recently moved from the east coast and l have always loved maps and exploring the outdoor. Needless to say, I am enjoying finding new forest roads to explore.

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Cinnamon Gulch (09/21/2021)
Fun trail with good views. Would be great if we could keep the spurs open as they provide a really nice view of the valley.
Peru Creek (09/12/2021)
Good hikes at the end.
Chihuahua Gulch (09/11/2021)
Fun trail with great views. Was a nice challenge on 2" lift and 31" tires. Would recommend sliders and skid plates on close to stock vehicles. Rocks are large enough that sliding off an obstacle could cause damage. Water crossings were low and brush is taking over the trail near the end. Need someone with a full size and bullbars to do some clearing up top.
Upham Gulch (09/10/2021)
Figured since it was dry I would give this obstacle a try. GX w/ 2" lift. Skirting around the edges got me through, but barely and any mistake puts you in a bad spot.
Rollins Pass East (08/16/2021)
Nice drive and Forest Lakes hike was beautiful.
Baltimore Ridge (08/16/2021)
Went up there looking for a camp spot, but could not see any other that at the end. Not sure if I just didn't notice because of new grouth or they were changed to discourage use. Worth going up for the view.
Kingston Peak (08/15/2021)
Beautiful scenery all the way through. Liked going in the same direction as the track as you have some great views as you approach the mailbox. We were on Rollins Pass the day before and was cool to see this road and James peak from a distance. Without the 2in lift I would have probably tagged the skid plates a couple of times.
Keystone Gulch (08/09/2021)
Closed between waypoint 1 and 2. Looks like a brand new gate with fresh paint is up (not the trailhead shown in waypoint 1). Not sure if this is for temporary work or permanent closure. Looks like they were removing some standing burnt timber on the east slope. Sucks if it is permanent as it is a great location for a quick drive up to some views.
Peewink Mountain (08/02/2021)
Looks like the owner of the property at tone of the spurs is blocking access. Not sure if they are appropriating part of the trail or the road actually ends there. Plow truck blocking trail and on google images shows something there, looks deliberate. Has the access changes since review? Can anything be done about this. Seems like bad precedent for people to be blocking access to a public trail. All they have to do is let it get overrun a bit and it gets closed to all.
Elevenmile Canyon Road (07/06/2021)
Beautiful drive.
Cedar Mountain Road (07/03/2021)
Beautiful trail. Found it more difficult than the description led me to believe. That could be dues to all of the rain in the area, but there were a one difficult rutted muddy climb that would have been really though if you drop a wheel in the wrong place. Also some big burms hole and cambered turns from all of the side-x-side using the area. I think 4wd and good tires are a must unless you want a miserable drive. Fun and engaging drive on a stock SUV with good tires. Moguls, cambered burms and puddles to negotiate. Great scenery, just be carefull with OHV users as this is a fast trails for them. Took us about 2 hrs on this this road, but there were lots of roads and some hiking on OHV towards the north end.
Phantom Creek/Signal Butte Loop (07/03/2021)
Nice drive. If you are in the area hike down to Phantom Creek.
Observatory Loop (06/23/2021)
Nice views to the west. Wish they had included more camping spots into all of the reclamation work on site.
4th of July Road (06/23/2021)
Great views and some nice hiking. Parking for hikes is difficult (as in full by 830 on a Wednesday). Would make a great fall drive with all the aspen in the area.
Monument Rocks (06/01/2021)
Pretty trail and nice to see a variety of terrain and vegetation. In the spring, the contrast between waypoint 1-12 and then 12+ was interesting. After 12 there are some cool (still easy) climbs and the trail is more interesting.
Corcoran Wash/Dry Creek (06/01/2021)
Pretty trail and nice to combine with the Monument rocks to make a loop. This way you get to see the vegetated north side of the ridge and the bare rocks on the south. Lots of cattle on the road so be careful at night. Not many places to camp with shade. Easy drive with most of the offshot trails being unmarked and too narrow for anything wider than a side by side (unless you want to use your paint to trim the bushes).
Beaver Creek Road FS Rd. 315 (05/08/2021)
Easy when dry (Stock GX) and very scenic toward the Rampart side where there are some nice views of Pike's peak.