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Crystal Lake (09/18/2021)
I'm going to go ahead and give this a full 5 for the spectacular cirque you wind up in. I think "pinstriping" could reasonably be added to the concerns. I'm on the fence about whether or not the climb onto the tailings still qualifies as a 3; I'm going to vote "harder". And in case you are wondering about Rivians (sadly not ours), the answer is "yes'.
Paradise Divide (09/03/2021)
I'm going to go ahead and give this a 5 because the scenery is indeed spectacular. West side is best. On a Friday it was only moderately busy, though more so on the east side due to the mountain bikers heading up to the 401. I'm hard pressed to say what earns this a 3 difficulty rating. It was pretty much all well-maintained dirt road. Maybe steepness
Daisy Pass Road (09/03/2021)
Beautiful drive with some lovely waterfalls. Though we didn't camp, the designated sites look pretty good.
Kingston Peak (07/25/2021)
The vistas are incredible and this remains one of our favorites. I'd have to agree with Matto that it seems easier than I remember from last year.
Indiana Creek (06/19/2021)
Beautiful trail. There is now plenty of room to turn around at the top of the road above waypoint 9. Shortly after a mine ruin, you will come to a Y intersection. The options rejoin after a short distance. The right side is a bit easier.
Indiana Creek - Pennsylvania Creek Connector (06/19/2021)
Both Indiana and Pennsylvania are worthy drives and this easy connector is a good way to keep the day going.
Pennsylvania Creek (06/19/2021)
Beautiful drive. Nothing particularly notable in terms of conditions or hazards.
Matchless (05/22/2021)
Today's show has been brought to you by the letters M and U and D. There is a giant mud bog between waypoints 9 and 10. I do not recommend it right now; if this were a hiking trail it'd be closed.
Deadman Point Road (04/09/2021)
Lots to explore on foot at the end. There are many tantalizing spurs off this trail that we did not investigate. Next time. GPS note, either waypoint 8 is misplaced or the description is incorrect. Straight at that point takes you along the trail.
Hellroaring Canyon North Rim Overlook (04/09/2021)
I completely agree with the superlatives about the viewpoint at the end. Spectacular.
Tower Arch (04/08/2021)
Tons of fun! Given my lack of offroading experience I can definitely see why some would think this is a 4-4 instead of 3-3.
Eye of the Whale (04/08/2021)
Truly beautiful and interesting drive. Already looking forward to doing it again.
Willow Springs Road (04/08/2021)
Excellent way into the park without waiting in line at the main entrance. Some lovely vistas along the way