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  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (2.5" lift, 35" tires)

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2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 2.5"
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Bill Moore Lake (09/12/2021)
Leaves are just starting to change along the trail! If you want to see some spectacular fall colors I’d do it soon! As far as the trail goes, it was a very nice and decently easy trail (loose rocky patches in spots) that was surprisingly not busy for a Sunday!
McClellan Mountain (08/29/2021)
Ran McClellan with 11 rigs today! Excellent trail for a number of the first timers with clear views (and surprisingly no wind) at the top!
Holy Cross City (07/15/2021)
A challenging trail for sure and even more exciting when it is a little wet and muddy to keep tire placement. The trail moves pretty fast in between obstacles which is nice although I’m not a fan of driving over loose bowling ball (or larger) sized rocks. Cleveland Rock is nuts. Even just looking at it I don’t know how anyone even attempts it.
Red Cone (07/09/2021)
Definitely worth the views from the top! Backside descent isn’t bad at all! A few decent “gate keeper” at waypoint 2 will keep stock vehicles out. However with a good spotter they aren’t too bad at all!
Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (07/08/2021)
Camped at the top of Geneva Creek. Trail and scenery were absolutely stunning as expected!
Pisgah (Columbine Cutoff) (06/06/2021)
Passable with minimal snow in spots!
Yankee Hill to Central City (06/06/2021)
The direct route is open and passable although some of the surrounding offshoot trails still have some deep drifts on them. Some decently sized mud puddles too!
Switzerland Trail (05/31/2021)
Fully open!
Poison Spider Mesa (05/20/2021)
The full trail is closer to 15 miles but is still well worth it. Stop to check out the arch and just enjoy the views of the Mesa.
Hells Revenge (05/19/2021)
Very busy trail even starting at 8 am. Will have to come back in more of an off season to not feel like we are pulling over every 5 min for a pack of side by sides.
Top of the World - Utah (05/18/2021)
Beautiful view from the top and the trail was excellent. Better, in my opinion, than the road leading to the trail. There are people making their own bypass around waypoint 4! STOP THAT!
Fins and Things (05/17/2021)
Excellent trail to get your feet wet on slick rock or introduce a new driver to wheeling! Started early on a Monday and had almost no traffic until near the end of the fins.
Bunce School Road (05/09/2021)
Ran from north to south but cut off at waypoint 6 to do the Ironclads! Definitely will be back to do the rest later this year!
Ironclads (05/09/2021)
Muddy but open and a fun trail! Will be back to play on the optional obstacles later this summer!
Sevenmile Road (03/06/2021)
Trail is still closed due to fires in 2020. I’d imagine it will be closed for some time!
Cherokee Park Road (03/06/2021)
Not much snow in the area this weekend. Came onto the trail from Prairie Divide and made a quick pit stop at waypoint 7 before returning the way we came.
Swamp Creek Road (03/06/2021)
Trail is still closed due to fires in 2020. I’d imagine it will be closed for some time!