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Been offroading for a couple years now. I've gone from sports cars to a Jeep, and feel that I get more full enjoyment from the Jeeps capabilities than I could my sports cars (since I didn't take them to the track).

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2N17X - Pilot Fuelbreak aka The Old Pilot Rock Trail (04/17/2020)
Definitely one of my favorite trails. The gatekeeper is very intimidating. But if you take the correct line (stay pretty far to the right) you will be ok. There's actually a good amount of grip. This trail offers a good mix of sections that aren't too difficult, and some that are a bit hairy. Lots of steep hill climbs. If you decide to take every hard line that the the trail has to offer, you will get a pretty decent challenge. I have seen several close calls here, and videos of Jeeps on their sides. Fairly short trail (I've done it in an hour with a couple of quick stops) that ends at the easy main part of Pilot Rock Truck Trail. I'd rate this around a 5-6/10 in terms of difficulty.
2N27Y - Rouse Meadow / Skyline OHV (03/21/2020)
Fun trail, with some pretty good views. We did Rouse Meadow trail near Lake Arrowhead (aka 2N27Y) a couple days after a big rain (and snow) storm went through the area. Rouse Meadow is an easy/moderate trail, but some spots where the mud was thicker made things interesting (you will see some slipping/sliding in the video). Rouse Meadow is one of the more interesting trails in Lake Arrowhead in terms of difficulty, as most trails in the area are very easy (except for the notorious Dishpan Springs). The GPS Coordinates for the east trailhead: 34.275550, -117.133550