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Titus Canyon Road (05/17/2021)
Titus Canyon is perhaps the best place to get your feet wet (or dirty, I suppose) when it comes to 4-wheeling in Death Valley. This road is easily traveled by a reasonably stout 4WD and shows off a lot of the beauty, geology, and history that Death Valley has to offer. I wouldn't want to be on this road (especially down in the narrows) on the rare occasions when it rains in Death Valley, but otherwise this is a terrific road for the beginner. Just make sure you're prepared for the extreme environment with some basic tools and repair supplies, as well as food and water. The environment out there is no joke.
Black Gap Road (03/02/2021)
As other commenters have said, Black Gap offers about as much rugged 4x4 terrain as you can expect in Big Bend. The terrain is beautiful and very remote, but experienced 4-wheelers won't struggle getting through the route. Still, if you're looking to escape crowds/cities, this is a terrific place to do it.
River Road (03/02/2021)
If you're looking for tough, technical terrain, this is not the route for you. The attraction of River Road – like Big Bend in general – is the beautiful scenery and the isolation. Our rigs (see attached vid) were very much overbuilt for this trail, and we never needed 4WD the entire day. However, make sure you've packed your essentials because you're a long way from any services here. We camped at a couple spots out near the Mariscal Mine, which made for a great stopover before we did Black Gap the following day.
Odessa Canyon (12/15/2020)
A really fun and beautiful trail. One of our Jeeps was without working lockers, which meant we had to pull some line to avoid body damage. Pucker Pass is...narrow. There is a bypass, but it's not necessarily easier – it's just a different sort of difficulty. I can imagine that a couple rain storms would alter the terrain significantly, so just because you've run this trail before doesn't mean it won't be a completely different beast the next time you visit.
Logandale Main Loop 01 (12/13/2020)
Logandale is an absolute playground, with trails for all ability levels and risk appetites. We started out with the intention of doing Shedder and Bronco Falls, but had some mechanical problems that forced us to opt for Rock Bottom instead of Bronco Falls. Whichever trail you choose, though, you can't go wrong. The terrain (at least on the trails we chose) features one obstacle after the next and the scenery is wonderful. As a bonus, we also spotted some big horn sheep out toward the sand dunes. Here's a dirty GPX showing where we went: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1MKJsIY0sVAb-ZBJl1ZT24mikE3VhU7PE&usp=sharing