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Klondike Bluffs Escape via Baby Steps (09/10/2021)
Ran this trail the opposite direction of the description, from the east via Salt Valley Road to the west to meet with Klondike Bluffs. We were in a stock Jeep JLU Rubicon, so 33" tires and no lift. To put context on this review, I'm a relative beginner with only a couple dozen trails so far, but I feel as if this trail was more difficult than other trails rated '4' which I've driven. Someone here called this a '4+' and I think they are spot-on. The east side of the bluff has significant loose rocks on relatively steep slopes. There are a few steps that are at least 12" and one which is better than 24". That combined with a few tight spots where body damage is possible seems to warrant a somewhat higher rating for this trail. You will need your skid plates and rock sliders here. This trail pushed my admittedly rookie skills and also demonstrated the capabilities of our stock Rubicon. It was a fun, short trail.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (09/08/2021)
Took our stock Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon on the Wall bypass route on Poughkeepsie Gulch. There are a few boulder areas to cross and a fun stream crossing or two, but mostly this trail is about steep crawls through loose rocks. What I feel most reviews of this trail miss is how stunningly beautiful the route is! Make sure you see the waterfalls just to the west of the Engineer Pass / Poughkeepsie Gulch fork. They are to the right just before the intersection. The valley itself on the way up is amazing, but the real treat at the end of the trail is the high alpine Lake Como.