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Saints John (08/22/2019)
Did Saints John to Deer Creek in a stock 2008 FJ. Didn’t have a problem, but needed to take it nice and slow at times. Definitely recommend this loop. Can see Mount of the Holy Cross and plenty more from up top.
Kingston Peak (08/17/2019)
This is a must do! Stock 2008 FJ made it fine, touched bottom a couple times. Went from Rollinsville to St Mary’s. St. Mary’s side is a tougher climb. James Peak is legit, mt Evans, mt Bierstadt, Grays and Torrey’s all in view. The sun sets at one of the best angles you can get. Beautiful!
Devil's Canyon (08/15/2019)
Fun loop. Not too difficult, but a couple technical spots with some nice views of Mt Evans. Did it in a stock 2008 FJ Cruiser.
Bill Moore Lake (08/08/2019)
Great ride up! Did it in a stock 2008 FJ cruiser. Did not do the 4x4 bypass and made it up fine (3/4 the way up). I was nervous a few times and got pretty steep. Beautiful lake and worth the trip!