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2014 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Mosquito Pass (09/07/2021)
Just ran Mosquito Pass. 2014 Rubicon with 2.5 inch lift and 35s. Agree - overall easy trail. Ran with an old Jeep Cherokee, new Ram Power Wagon, Raptor, and a stock Yukon (both with A/T tires). Nothing technical - very bumpy from Alma to the pass. Not a lot of room to pass on the short shelf road but you can see the whole way and easily avoid a situation. Great old gold mines along the way. Ran in 4 high the whole way. Ran Alma to Leadville - then over Cottenwood to Tin Cup Pass. I give it a 3/6 difficulty. Great long day. Great beginner trail for someone wanting to get off forrest roads.
Tincup Pass (09/07/2021)
Just run Tin Cup. 2014 Rubicon with 2.5 inch lift and 35s. Easier than I remember from years past. Agree with review below that there have been lots of improvements to the trail - especially on the Tin Cup side. Ran in 4 high and did not need 4 low or lockers. Still very bumpy the whole way, but no longer technical. New Ford Ranger truck (with paper plates) was doing the trail easily - possibly a small lift and A/T tires. Any vehicle with a small lift, 4 wheel drive, and trail tires can do this run (don't need skid plates with good lines). Took 2 hours from Tin Cup to St. Elmo. Classic run that got a little easier. Give it a 3 of 6 difficulty rating - down from a 4 or 5 before.
Pearl Pass (08/06/2021)
Just ran Pearl Pass from Aspen to CB. Not that technical and never felt "in danger". Actually ran 90% of the trail in 2 wheel drive. 2014 Rubicon with 2 1/2 inch lift and 35s. Agree only challenging part is a stair step climb between Waypoint 6 and 7. It is usually wet and slippery from the stream. Would obviously be easier to come down this obstacle from CB side. Can be done with 4 low, easier with some lockers (but not required). Slopes to the right into a large rock so take the left uphill line and let the natural right slope and wet rock slide you right as you climb. Obviously would not be an issue going the other way. Other than that basically a smooth ride with occasional 4 high over some slippery spots or larger rock fields. Lots of spots for views, lunch, groups. The "mud bog" on CB side was very wet from recent rains. There are 2 lines - the left line (right line if coming from CB) was very deep and not passible. Actually had to wench out a modified 4 runner who chose poorly (the 4 runner did the whole trail no problem otherwise). The "shallow line" was easily passible. As you get down below tree line on the CB side, the "traffic" gets busier as CB people day trip up the road for sight seeing (on a Friday) - since no longer technical. Lots of pulling over to let people pass. I have been Jeeping Colorado for 10 years and this is now one of my top 3 trails. Almost afraid to write the review because people will now know about the trail and that it not that difficult - I give it a 4/6 with the one obstacle and a 3/6 for the rest of the trip. Probably a 3/6 for the whole trail if going from CB to Aspen. Took 5.5 hours to complete with lots of stops and pictures.
Montezuma Basin (08/04/2021)
Just ran Montezuma Basin Trail from Pearl Pass to parking lot at the end. 2014 Rubicon with 2 1/2 inch lift and 35s. Not technical at all - slow and steady. Never felt "in danger" on the shelf road. Used 4 high for safety but not needed for any technical aspect. Very brief mild off camber toward the end but nothing scary. Could imagine some issues with vehicles coming opposite directions as no room to pass or pull over for most of the trip, but very exposed so you can see the whole trip and traffic before you go and as you go. There are a few spots to pull over and stop if you decide to not go the whole way. Some people just drive part the way up, pull over and park, and then hike the rest of the way to climb Castle. We went to the end parking lot, Climbed Castle and Conundrum and then drove back down. 3 great camping spots between Pearl and the end - all at the beginning of the road before you hit tree line. I give the road a 4/6 rating just because of shelf road (not that narrow) and very brief mild off camber - 3/6 rating without those 2 aspects.
Eagle Rock (06/04/2021)
Avoid the confusion: A lot of people (even locals) call the Mt. Baldy trail/Frostys - 379.E- section of the trail "Eagle Rock". The problem is that they both join at Waypoint 11 and become the same trail. See attached image. I ran this (370C) with 2014 Rubicon - 35s and 2.5 inch lift, just used the rear lockers. Eagle Rock is technically 370.C and is more difficult but gets significantly easier after Waypoint 11 where it joins 379.E The Eagle Rock portion is 5/6 dry and 6/6 wet. Rock Gardens 75% of the way. Need lift and skid plates (probably one locker). I did not need a winch. After Waypoint 11 it becomes 3/6 both directions. After Waypoint 11: clear and open the whole way - dry and no snow. Probably need to subtract a difficulty point because the trail was just repaired. In fact, after waypoint 11, it seemed easier than last year, especially the west section from the overlook to FSR376 and I actually ran up on the bulldozer and scraper leveling the trail and removing some rocks. There used to be several washouts and V sections that are now all leveled out. Still lots of fun. Ran it in 2 wheel drive after Waypoint 11.