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2017 Ford Expedition

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2017 Ford Expedition EL Limited. 1" lift all around on Bilstein 5100s, Raceline 18x8" wheels, Firestone Destination XT in 275/70/18 (33"), RCI skids, Ford transfer case and fuel tank skids.

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Fourmile Area: Million Dollar View (09/12/2021)
Nice trail with views as advertised. I'd probably consider this closer to a '2', as there's one rocky climb and a few spots where I wouldn't want to be in a normal car or low-ish crossover, but anything with high clearance should be fine. Lots of good campsites too,
Fourmile Area: Shields / McGee Loop (09/12/2021)
Five stars is for the dispersed camping on the Shields Gulch (west) side of the loop. In terms of an offroad trail, there's a little more to it than a maintained dirt road but most any vehicle should be able to get along fine. Saw some pretty big trailers at a campsite pretty far in, so that tells you something. We camped in an amazing spot near the end of Shields, with great views and very little traffic. Rain in the area but it stayed dry where we were. Great views of the collegiate peaks too. Also, that forest is dead quiet at night. I'm used to frogs or crickets or something making noise, but just nothing. Enjoyed the peace!
Galena Gulch (09/11/2021)
Fun trail with one good challenge. Definitely nice to have 4 Low, and the hillclimb at waypoint 4 was as advertised. Limited slip rear and clever traction control up front got me up just fine, but it sounded pretty violent searching for traction over the hump about halfway up. It's also an Expedition, so not exactly a Jeep Rubicon. No issues with trees blocking the trail when we were there, and it was a fun start to our trip.
Prospect Hill Road (09/11/2021)
Five stars for the mining ruins and the views. Really nice area. More just a dirt road than an offroad trail, as advertised.
Forest Queen (09/11/2021)
Fun little trail; better than some of the others in the area where the forest is being cleared and there are seemingly endless water cuts that make me nervous about having a long wheelbase. This one just winds through the woods in its natural state. I might give it a 1-2 in a full size, as you have to pick through the woods carefully at times given how narrow it is, but certainly easy overall.
Baldy Mountain Road (09/11/2021)
Not difficult, but I would say more of a rough rocky road with a little bit of packed dirt rather than the other way around. Definitely good to air down. And I might take someone else's stock Subaru up this, but certainly not my own. That said, really amazing view from the top. Or almost top; it gets pretty rough near the summit and I turned the Expedition around before that. My friend went up the last hill in his 4Runner and said where I stopped is actually the better view. So I stayed put. The washout at waypoint 7 got some wheels in the air on the Expedition, but it drove right through just fine. 4Runner had just enough articulation to keep all of the wheels on or very close to the ground. As just an offroad trail I wouldn't give it 5 stars, but the views at the top are truly epic. A few hikers along the trail, but no one else up at the top on a nice Saturday afternoon.
Gemini Bridges (06/19/2021)
Fun trail with a worthy payoff to see Gemini Bridges. Went from east to west, and the climb up above the highway was fun and plenty wide for a shelf road. 2WD was definitely possible the entire way, but there were some steep sections with ledges that I used 4WD on just to make it easier to creep up without slippage. Even used 4L once, somewhat to make things easier and somewhat just to use 4L. Don't have the best tires right now, either, though I did air down a bit to soften things up (yes I'm on the OEM 20s, and yes I'm fixing that soon!). And the eastern part before the Gemini Bridges trailhead was generally rocky and slow-going. Not in a bad way, I just thought this was more of a dirt road with a couple minimal obstacles. I found several minimal obstacles and a whole lot of rocks. Nothing a slightly lifted Expedition (or stock one) couldn't manage, and I too saw a Subaru and even a Hyundai Santa Fe, but I sure wouldn't take anything in the crossover class through this myself without proper tires and a lack of mechanical sympathy. The western half after Gemini is more what I was expecting; a dirt road with the occasional rocky section but generally higher speeds possible. Definitely go look at the bridges; cool formation and great views, and it's a very short hike. Saw a few other vehicles and a few mountain bikers, but very little traffic considering a Saturday in June in Moab. Was hotter than hell I suppose, but being from Kansas this dry heat is no big deal :).