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Hells Revenge (03/06/2021)
What an overblown trail. I did this one because it was THE Hell's Revenge, and... as far as its quality as just a trail, it's pretty bad: It's crowded, very few technical obstacles, narrow with high rollover risk, and two way on top of being insanely crowded. Most of the trail, you'll be driving along the top of the sandstone "fins" there with 50 ~100ft drop off either side, and blind corners the whole time. You won't see many pictures of the precarious fins and corners because it's legitimately dangerous to be out there on foot. Most modern SUVs would be able to get through the main trail with no modifications of any kind, definitely not a 6-8 difficulty. If you're looking for a more technical challenge without the heights, Fins 'n' Things is fantastic. ALL of the obstacles have extreme heights. The tubs are on top of a fin, and are off the side. If you shot out of a tub on a bad line, you'll be taking the express route down. One thing nobody mentions about Hell's Gate: YOU HAVE TO GO DOWN A NOTCH JUST AS STEEP BEFORE YOU GO UP.
Fins and Things (03/05/2021)
This is a really awesome trail experience. It's one way, with several bailout points when you've had your fill. HUGE range of technical obstacles, I'd honestly say moreso than Hell's Revenge. There's a wide variety of lines available at each of the obstacles, so your most experienced wheeler will still feel entertained and challenged, even when wheeling with a complete greenhorn.