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Main Divide - Middle Section to Saddleback - 3S04 (12/27/2020)
Great and beautiful views from the top. 2wd drive can make easily except for the very top. Great view of the city and surrounding cities on a clear day.
3S04 - Main Divide South - Santiago Peak (aka Saddleback Mountain) (12/26/2020)
Trail is fairly easy, but you will definitely need 4wd to make it to the peak or lookout point. There are a about 3 routed out sections at the top but are short. My stock Jeep Gladiator did fine.
Rattlesnake Canyon - RC3331 (12/23/2020)
The trail is pretty nice. I started about 30 minutes before sunset. There were two spots that were a little sketchy for my stock Jeep Gladiator. The first I had to really pick a nice line and take my time and I still scrapped my undercarriage. The second spot was the picture. Its a tight right turn with a couple of good size rocks to try to avoid before you get to a descent size boulder. I rearranged some already stacked rocks and managed to make it through. If I had 35s and a lift it would have been slightly easier in those two spots. All the rest is pretty scenic. Definitely want to do again. I connected it with Burns Canyon, 2N02.