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Black Bear Pass (08/01/2020)
Wow. My first time running Black Bear and it was nothing short of incredible. The views were way better than I thought they would be. The steps weren’t too bad, just take your time. There are a couple unnamed rocky obstacles before the steps that you should use caution on. If you hit them at the wrong angle it could roll you on your drivers side. The switchbacks weren’t too bad. The road is narrow but not as narrow as Devil’s Punchbowl / Schofield Pass. The tightest switchback wasn’t even that bad. My buddy just had to backup once in his 4 door Wrangler. Excellent trail and it was not as scary as everyone makes it out to be.
Middle Fork Swan River (07/18/2020)
Excellent trail!!! Pay attention to the maps on this page so you understand which route you take up the hill.
Argentine Pass (07/17/2020)
Trail is clear to the top of Argentine Pass and McClellan Mountain. Ran both trails today and it took us 4 hours with a couple breaks. The views are unreal.
McClellan Mountain (07/17/2020)
Awesome trip up McClellan Mountain before we ran Argentine Pass. Trail is completely clear. The switchbacks at the top are tight so use caution in a pickup or longer wheelbase rig.
Kingston Peak (07/16/2020)
Trail is open all the way. We ran it from Alice to Rollinsville on 07/16/2020. My buddy talked to the Forest Service Ranger and they opened the gates on 07/15/2020. Trail is in pristine condition and we scored some killer views. It took us exactly 2 hours including a couple stops.
4th of July Canyon (07/11/2020)
This is a cool trail that we ran combined with Red River Pass. We ran Red River Pass first and then came back down to the highway on this 4th of July Canyon trail. The spot where the road turns west and heads back down to the highway was pretty rutted and washed out, so use caution in these areas. They could bring a challenge to some lesser equipped stock 4x4s as they were a little tippy. Overall a great trail to run!
Old Red River Pass (06/06/2020)
This is a really cool trail in the Red River area. We ran Red River Pass and then came back down to the highway on the 4th of July Canyon trail. There were no obstacles to speak of. There is some shelf road exposure but the road is pretty wide and there weren't any off-camber spots so it wasn't bad at all. Great little trail!
Greenie Peak (06/06/2020)
Greenie Peak is such a great little trail! It doesn't take long and you are at elevation with incredible views. There are no real obstacles to speak of and its just a real fun and cool trail. I think if you are only doing one trail in the Red River area then you should do this for the views at the top.
Goose Lake (05/30/2020)
We ran Goose Lake trail on 05/30/2020. The water crossing at Red River was deep! My Jeep is on 35s with 3.5" lift and any less and water would have been coming in the intake. We didn't make it all the way to the lake because of some deep snow drifts but I can't wait to go back and see the lake.