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Bulldog Canyon FR 10 (11/07/2021)
Ran this in my 2018 4runner from Usery Pass gate to wolverine. Definitely air down. Ran crawl control in a few tough spots up and down - especially the rutted downhill section at #5. Want necessary, but it's nice not pressing the brake the whole way down. I think a stock 4x4 will definitely hit in sections unless you have perfect tire placement. It was the first time I heard the computer modulating power to each wheel on the uphill when I had rock terrain engaged. I've owned this 4R for a few years, but this is the first time I've seen some of the gadgets actually engage. I think this was tougher terrain than I'm used to. There was a few jeeps, bronco and a ton of sxs out there. Saw 2 bobcats too!