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Oriflamme Canyon (04/30/2021)
The banner gate is open. Finally made stairway to heaven with rear locker
9S05 - Indian Flats (03/12/2021)
We only ran this trail from the north trail head to puerta la cruz. We were looking for BLM land to do some target practice. We hit it after snowy week but almost all snow was gone at 4400 feet. Im not sure if it was the clean air, water greening everything up, but it was super pretty up there. While we were there, there was a couple trucks and motorcycle that passed so i think there is a lot of traffic. We even saw a front wheel drive sedan up there. They followed us down to northern trailhead but it must have been rough. We were in 4WH and could have gone to 4WL easily if it was a little wetter. I gather from other reviews that this is the roughest section but i think any 4wd or AWD higher clearance vehicle could do this. I was bummed to see a bunch of toliet paper at cruz intersection. Please bury your waste 🙏 and pick up your trash (brass, wrappers, etc) If you dont, it makes it gross for everyone else.
Lovell Summit Road (03/06/2021)
Only did part of trail up to 25943 and entered from trout canyon road. I was attending a class at front sight and was looking for a place to tent camp. I found a beautiful place at 5000'. I saw no one else out there the whole time. Lovell was eaay passible with high clearance vehicle but the spurs 25943 and 25944 were rougher and i used 4L. Highly recommend this area for camping close to Parumph!
Trout Canyon Road (03/06/2021)
I went up Trout Canyon looking for a place to camp while attending Front Sight. This is basically a 2WD dirt road that goes from 160 to terminating at private properties at the top. THere was no camping and frankly not worth anyone looking for interesting overland/offroad route. The saving grace is that Lovell canyon is interesting and some really nice camping spots. I would consider Trout Canyon a connector route. I stopped on the road getting my bearings and a local stopped and asked if everything was OK. He was nice and lived in the "neighborhood" at the top of the road. I think he was the one with the sense of humor with the COVD sign (see pic). I would not want to camp anywhere just off this road due to the dust and traffic.
6S06 - El Cariso Truck Trail (01/31/2021)
Started from the northern trailhead (bottom), and started up. It was rutted bad but it also has been raining pretty good that put 14 in snow in Julian. I had to put rear locker on in one section because i was crossed up in a washout. I was 0.5 mi in and stopped to air down. I was met by a non stock jeep and i asked them what it was like higher up. They said it was rougher and they turned around. After reading previous reviews i wish i attemptef it
3S04 - Main Divide South - Santiago Peak (aka Saddleback Mountain) (01/28/2021)
Gate closed. Hikers, mountain bikers, h and motos were going around the gate but its officially closed to all use. Gate said closed due to fire.
Gold Fever Trail (12/27/2020)
After 14 inches of snow dropped on Big Bear, we decided to hit this trail. I wanted to do this easy trail because i didn't know what to expect off road in the snow. The trail was well used and there was plenty of people playing out there. Grip was no problem in 4H and my hybrid AT/MT (Ridge Grappler) tires. I suspect that a normal AT tire would have been fine but wouldn't attempt in 2WD. The visitor center was closed (covid?) and part of trail was closed (the little spot by the saloon stop. However you can still make it a nice loop that is super scenic.