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Logandale Main Loop 01 (08/29/2020)
I have a stock 2016 Nissan Pathfinder with locking differentials. I've been able to do any trail marked 'Easy', but the waypoint 15 was too much for me/my vehicle. The trail has amazing scenery and a wide variety of terrain which makes it interesting. Main trail is pretty well marked. Enjoyable day, but just note that if you don't have a Jeep or a lift, you might be turning around 8miles in (there may be a way around this, but I did not see it - 107 degrees did not make me that adventurous to hike around).
Wheeler Pass (08/14/2020)
Good trail. I came in from the West near Pahrump. Around waypoint 21, I got a little turned around and missed the Wheeler Pass sign which is behind a tree. First few miles in from route 160 are very easy, but really scenic. Stock Nissan Pathfinder.