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Just a cool dude that likes to explore cool places and have some fun along the way with some cold brews and cool peeps.

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2005 Nissan Frontier

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 33"
3” nisstec extended travel kit with upgraded radflo 2.5.

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Devils Cove Road (03/27/2021)
This trail was very scenic. Towards the end, the trail gets a little more challenging and sandy where 4x4 will come in handy. We saw a lot of wild life in this area. The trail ends at a marshy vegetation area were donkeys seems to hangout. The cove area is not worth camping at. There are donkey dropping everywhere and I think you can find better camping spots with better views elsewhere. Overall it was a nice drive.
Little Finland (03/27/2021)
This place is great for camping and exploring!! We loved it here.
Gold Butte Backcountry Byway (03/27/2021)
Nice area to explore. The roads are well maintained with some areas more rocky than others. The “paved” road getting in seemed worse than the trail. 4x4 is not needed but being air down will make the ride a lot more comfortable. We spent the weekend out here with one night at little Finland and the other at devils cove. Little Finland was very cool and is a must see. We got there right before sunset and the red rock really popped. Gold butte town was something to check out but not much to see. Seven key hole is another must see and worth the short hike. Whitney pocket seemed a little crowded but would be nice to camp and have a great view of the rock formations. Anyway, I recommend checking this place out.
Falling Man (03/26/2021)
Stop by this place and check it out. The road is not hard and the quick hike is worth it. The formation are really interesting. We couldn’t find the falling man but we did find tons of petroglyphs.
Titus Canyon Road (02/20/2021)
Really cool trail! Any 4x4 can run this. Best part is when you get into the canyon and you have canyon walls on each side. Super cool and a must if you’re in the area. The road getting to the mountain area was pretty long and washboard but worth it at the end.
SR2013 - Red Canyon Trail (01/18/2021)
Cool trail with some great views. Any 4wd can do this trail. We ran this from the southend to northend to get on the 10 fwy. Took about an hour and was fun. FYI - Be careful for oncoming traffic when you get near the 10 fwy traveling northbound. It’s an easy dirt road right off the freeway and we had some people flying southbound and had a little close call. I think some people wanted to test out their new Baja suspension lol.
661202 - Red Canyon Drop In Trail - Chuckwalla Mountains (01/18/2021)
This was a great way to end the Bradshaw trail. We camped near the start of the trail after Bradshaw and took this to get onto red canyon. It was a little steep but just enough to keep it fun. Don’t be scared and take this trail!
The Bradshaw Trail (01/16/2021)
This is a good trail to bring your friends on that are new to camping/overlanding . It’s a very easy trail that is not stressful and has a lot of cool spots to check out. I split this up in about 2.5 days (head out after work Friday, trailed Saturday, came home Sunday). We ran this trail from Blythe to Salton sea area. Took us about 6 hours with stops along the way. We were about to do about 35 mph most of the way. I would say most vehicles can do this trail/road. There are some areas of deep sand but that’s it. I think a 2wd would be able to make it if it didn’t stop in the deep sand. The weather was perfect this time of year 80/45 with a little wind. Train tracks are still there and was the highlight of the trail. We headed out of red canyon to the 10 fwy. I gave a three star cause although it’s cool, it’s basically a dirt road but still fun to do with your friends/family.
Ella Wash (01/03/2021)
Easy trail where deep sand is the only concern. I didn't see any good camp spots on this short trail. Would be better off heading into Palo Verde wash.
Anza Borrego Metal Sculptures (01/02/2021)
More of a road than a trail. Super super easy to get to and sculptures are right off the road. Our fav was the serpent. Really cool to see. New Years weekend was busy.
Palo Verde Wash (01/02/2021)
Open wash road with some really deep sand and no other concerns. Plenty of campsites along the trail....almost too many where you can't decide. Sunset was beautiful.
17 Palms Oasis (12/30/2020)
Cool to see. Ran this from S22 and made a day of it. Took about 2 hour out and back. I wouldn't want to run this trail in 2wd due to the deep sand. Deep sand and traffic is the only concern. Arroyo Salado Campground was closed due to COVID. It was pretty busy out this weekend.
Logandale Main Loop 01 (11/20/2020)
This is a great weekend trail of you’re looking to get away for a couple of days. We spent 2 days here. Really cool spots to camp and run the loop during the day. I recommend to get out day 1 find camp relax, day 2 take your time run the trail, and day 3 head out. The trail is easy but has a lot of wash board bumps...but not the typical ones. They seemed to be a “staggered” wash board, which made my vehicle rock back and forth for 3 hours. We missed the left turn up the rocks (hardest part of the trail) and ended up way down a wash. So keep an eye out for that turn cause it’s not that noticeable. I recommend some sort of gps. The hardest part is not that hard. I would think a stock vehicle aired down with 4x4 would be fine. May be a little more effort required not aired down. It also may require the driver to have some skills in a stock vehicle and have the will to give it a go. There were a lot of side by sides on the trail but it all seemed to calm down after dark. Overall, great trail to get lost in and forget the world.
Senator Highway (10/11/2020)
Ran this trail from crown king to Prescott. Long road/trail with good views. Nothing to worry about the way I took and was pretty cool. Be prepared for a long bumpy road. Lol. Best part of this trail was the scenery toward the end near Prescott. It ends right at the downtown area of Prescott and a great way to end the day. There was a lot of camping spots near the end near Prescott and is accessible from a well maintained road so there were a lot of people and busy. Be carful for deer!! We saw tons of them.
Backway to Crown King, Arizona (10/10/2020)
Pretty cool trail. It’s took us about 6-7 hours to complete. Would have been quicker but there was an accident that cause a huge line and traffic. Good thing the person was ok but probably added at least 1-2 hours of traffic. Being a narrow road, it was pretty sketchy. I was disappointed there were no water crossings, was hoping for some but the whole trail was dry. Not sure if that is typical for this time of year? This trail was very busy towards the beginning of the trail coming from lake pleasant. Lines of Jeeps waiting to hit the obstacles. But overall it was a great trail to run and the camping in crown king is worth it. The two obstacles that do NOT have bypasses were probably the toughest I’ve done. Took some effort to get over them and my buddy that drives a gladiator high centered due to the longer wheel base and got some damage to the underbody.
Castle Hot Springs (10/09/2020)
Not so much a trail but a road. No concerns and any vehicle can do this. Only concern would be if there was rain maybe. Scenery was great though. Something cool to do that stress free and to just enjoy the ride. This trail ends at lake pleasant which has some dispersed camping on cow creek road. Took about 1.5 hours. I paid for the permit online. Wasn’t sure what it does cause I never got an email from the website with instructions but I did it just in case.