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Rock Crawling
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My name is David Firebaugh and I'm married to an awesome woman who loves to run the trails as much as I do. I retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in 1998 and started hitting the back country of Wyoming. I grew up mostly in Wyoming and loved the outdoors. I currently work as a construction superintendent for a company that owns and rents homes. My first Jeep was a 1959 Willy's pickup. Over the years I wanted another Jeep but there was always something stopping me. In 2007 I moved to Arizona and married my current wife. In 2011 I finally decided it was time to buy a Jeep. I purchased a 2008 stock Wrangler X, I hit a few trails and found that I needed to do some mods to get to the trails I wanted.Thus began the emptying of my wallet.Owning a Jeep leads to great adventures off the beaten path, but it comes at a great expense.We joined a local Jeep club and the Host told me to add Rubicon springs and shocks to gain some clearance. This added 2" of clearance. He then took us on a real trail told me that we could do it. On a scale of 1-5 it was a 4 for a stock Jeep. We made it to almost the end before getting hung up on a shelf, split a sidewall and had to be strapped nearly ripping my rear bumper off cause it was hooked on a rock ledge. I did not finish the last 200 yards since I had no spare and was on street tires. We were hooked and since then we have been slowly adding more mods and will continue to add, there is always something you want to change. I signed up with another club and run with them on occasion. I have since become a host for the original club and lead runs for them. I recently had the opportunity to join Trailsoffroad to bring the latest updates on trails available to the website. I look forward to the opportunity to bring these trails to life in Arizona for those of you that are searching for an off road adventure.

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2008 Jeep Wrangler X, Trail rated I started out by replacing the stock coils and shocks from a Rubicon; this gave me a 2-inch lift. I then replaced the stock tires with Goodyear MTR’s; I went just about anywhere a Jeep with rear positraction could go. I added a Trail Master 2.5 Inch Lift Kit with Shock Extension Brackets. I also added disconnects for the front sway bar. I cut the fenders to prevent the tires from rubbing in anticipation of upgrading to 35" tires. I decided that I didn't like the bumpers so I started out by buying the front bumper which is a Rock Crawler with a Tube Guard and Built-In LED lights. I then decided that it was time for the tires. I purchased Goodyear Fierce Attitudes and new aluminum wheels, unfortunately, the spare would not fit with the stock bumper so I had to purchase a Tuff Stuff bumper with tire carrier and D-rings. I installed a 12,000-pound winch with rope. Once you add 35's you start putting stress on the ball joints and other components so I replaced the tie rod with an aluminum one with 1 ton ends from RPMFAB, I also added a Synergy drag link; of course this caused more problems since I didn't have enough offset on the wheels so the tie rod ends hit the wheels. I added ECCPP 1.25" Hubcentric Wheel Spacers and gained the clearance that I needed. Other items inside are the CB, tow strap, fire extinguisher, compact shovel and various tools.There are future mods in the works. The latest addition has been an ARB rear locker. Just replaced the Rubicon shocks with Fox 2.0 performance.