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Mount Herman Road (11/11/2020)
Easy trail. Make sure to check out the short spur roads for a bit more of a challenge and great camping spots with views. We checked out the spurs and used the road to get from Monument to Highway 67.
Soldier Mountain- Rampart Range FS Road 300U (11/11/2020)
Trail was clear of snow, Beautiful day to explore the area.
Rupp Gulch- Rampart Range FS Road 300V (11/11/2020)
Trail was open with only a bit of snow in the shady area. Really didn’t look like it had been used much.
Ptarmigan Pass (09/19/2020)
We did McAllister Gulch up from Camp Hale, then Clockwise up fro m intersection of the two trails. Ptarmigan was disappointing, the road had recently been gone over with road grader. I would say the trail is now about a rating of 2-3 tops!