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Metberry Gulch (08/08/2020)
Fun and fairly easy trail! I agree that if there was rain, some of the loose gravel/slab rock would be a monster to get back up. I was probably over-prepared for "Tippy rock", but had no issues in a 35" JKUR or a K5 Blazer (stock with 33" BFGs) with the right line towards the inside rock. Going down chicken scratch hill, the K5 scratched the tow ball, but otherwise we had no issues getting down to the Platte river and doing some swimming - thanks to Steve for letting us use his grill after we forgot our hose! Going back up, we had significant trouble with the K5 due to the carb having trouble getting fuel on some of the steeper ascents. We ended up pulling the Blazer with tow ropes basically from the steep ascent right past chicken scratch hill, thanks to (2) very kind people helping us (Thanks, Joe (and family) and Christian and his partner) get the K5 back to level ground so it could drive home.
Hackett Gulch (08/01/2020)
Pretty fun trail and probably my favorite of the 3 gulches (Longwater, Metberry and Hackett). I am running a lifted, 35" tire JKU Rubicon. Trail was very crowded with side-by-sides and the water at the optional river crossing at the end of the trail was as tall as someone's 37" tire (at least the path they chose), so be very cautious if you plan on trying to cross. Otherwise, take it slow and exercise caution on the rock slabs.
Longwater Gulch (06/14/2020)
Traversed the trail Sunday in a lifted 35" JKUR with no surprises. Some of the ascents/descents are a little slippery from the loose gravel, however if you're 4LO and/or watching your speed, you should not have any issues. The one large rock coming out of the turn going down towards the river can be a little tricky if you do not take your time finding the right line. Coming back up, this was the only time on the trail where I used my lockers. Nice trail, perfect for scenic views and a nice picnic by the water or on one of the pull-offs where you can reach the rocks.