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2015 Toyota Tacoma

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Jenny Creek (09/07/2020)
Ran this north to south today in my Tacoma. There were some technical rock sections but nothing too crazy. For me, it made for a fun challenge. I used my rock sliders twice. Made for a good fun day. There were lots of great creek side camping sites on the north end near Yankee Doodle Lake. I had to cut a downed tree at the south end of the trail.
Schofield Pass (09/06/2020)
I ran this trail from Crested Butte to Crystal Mill in my lifted Tacoma with rock sliders and 33s. Beautiful trail with shelf roads and a few rocky sections at a cliffs edge that will thrill you. I am going to echo the last review and say this trail is a little more difficult than it is rated. Beside a couple of technical sections coming down into Devils Punch Bowl, the main concern is the shelf road. I would add Narrow Shelf road, Width, No Full Size (due to the need to reverse and the few tight spaces available for passing) Mild off Camber, and Pin Stripping as concerns. There are very long stretches where passing is not an option for hundreds of yards due to the shelf road. Also worth noting, it appears the rock obstacle at waypoint 5 no longer exists. The obstacles I came across did not match the photos of that obstacle. However a few hundred yards before waypoint 5 some boulders have tumbled down into the trail creating an obstacle similar in difficulty (per the videos I’ve seen), but instead it is a straight on obstacle. I did not catch a photo, but only a side by side would fit between the boulders easily. Going down hill, the drivers side boulder is 3 foot high with a vertical face that no vehicle would go over and at the passenger side there is a 18” tall 3’ wide boulder that 4x4 vehicles will need to go over to pass. Rock sliders required on a Tacoma, I used mine well with no chance of avoiding it here. A handful of side by side vehicles told me I would struggle at that obstacle due to width, but with rock sliders going over it wasn’t a huge issue. I imagine someone might decide to pull one of these boulders out of the way to make that section more manageable since it seems to be recent. I did not need skids on this trail. I absolutely recommend the trail! Hope for minimal oncoming traffic, I was lucky and only had to reverse the shelf road twice.