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Ginsberg Point Trail (08/28/2020)
Finally made it out to this trail today. There are several small and steep rollers that may bump the undercarriage of lower clearance vehicles. The trail was dry today and not even the mud hole had water in it. After reviewing this page again I'm utterly confused. I recognize the trail I took today through waypoint 6 and through just after the mud hole in the video. After that, the trail seems completely different than what I see here. Apologies for what is most likely user error but following waypoint 6 there is a climb with a bypass to the left but it is long, steep, and in mostly clear space that does not resemble the pictures at all. It has a sharp and steep left turn at the top. Immediately following that there is a steep and pretty gnarly climb with no bypass. Since I was alone I did not attempt the second climb. I followed the gpx the whole way but the drive looks pretty different and the climb I encountered was much more challenging than anything pictured or filmed here. Large boulders at the top of a 50 yard steep climb. It looked like a lot of fun but not something I wanted to try without some company.
The Jeep Trail (08/28/2020)
This trail is closed. Sign did not mention why or when it would be open again.