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Well, it's not really a Legacy but Trails Offroad doesn't know what a GL is. Tires are actually 24" but not for long.

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Upham Gulch (07/31/2021)
Wow, the ruts in this trail are degrading quickly! I was able to do the pits last year in my Cherokee, didn't even try them today in the rain and mud. The trail is still very passable on the left side in the photo, take care at the first ledge and remember that this trail is easier going in than coming out.
Saxon Mountain Road (06/08/2021)
Ran this about 2 weeks back in my Cherokee along with a couple other trails in the area. Full width guys, take note: My Cherokee is on full width axles and is 84" wide. The narrow rock section mentioned in the description? Fairly terrifying. I would not try this in a vehicle this wide without a spotter to gauge your clearance around that rock. We failed to get video/photos of that section, but my driver side tires were pretty close to the edge of the road. Hard to tell if it's well packed or about to collapse there. As well, the rock-fall sections immediately afterwards are a very tight squeeze. If you have multiple people, get someone to walk ahead and hold downhill traffic at the turn after the rockfall section. Neither of you will want to reverse once you're in there. Good views, fun trail, not for those with fear of heights. Take caution if you're in a fullsize rig.